Saturday, November 05, 2011

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Pregnancy Update: 16 Weeks

  • I had my 16 week visit and it went well. They found the baby's heart beat very quickly which was a relief because at the 12 week visit it took forever. His or her heart rate was 154 beats a minute. I was a little nervous because I felt fluttering and then have not for the last weeks.
  • The doctor said not supposed to feel the baby moving till more like 20 weeks.
  • I also have been sick last week and on z pack diagnosed with bronchitis on Monday.
  • I have the big ultrasound at week 19 on November 22nd. We will also find out what we are having this morning as well.
  • If I had to guess what we were are having I would guess a girl. I have acne on my face like with Abigail and did not have this with Jackson. However, I am not as anxious to find out what we are having, which is nice. Jackson heart rate was in the 150's at first and then 140'st the rest of the pregnancy as I can remember. Abigail's was 170's and then 160's so the 150 heart rate is not giving me any sign (I think generally boys are lower and girls heart rates are higher).
  • My heart rate and blood pressure are low while I am pregnant, which is why it takes me a while to get anything done, but makes me a very laid back person which is awesome.
  • Keep praying for this baby to be healthy! We elected not to have down syndrome blood test done because of friends who have had false positive and it has not been accurate at all. Also, whatever God's plan is for our life we chose to trust Him when that time comes.