Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Life Changing News For the Wallace Family

Wow, I did not think so much could happen in one year, but it can. We have been clearly called to First Baptist Columbia for Charlie to be the children’s pastor there. It is not something we sought out, but rather it was God definitely calling us there. It is extremely hard to leave here, but it is even harder because we did have the fire, and people at Crosswell carried that burden with us. The people at Crosswell are unbelievably giving, and wonderful people. I have really become close with many of the girls here, and so needless to say last Sunday was very emotional, and I am going to miss every single person here a lot! Carol held my hand through it all, again carrying the burdens with me. We are really excited about serving at First Baptist and it is a tremendous responsibility. They have I think 450 children enrolled and the church itself has about 5,500 members. Charlie will have a full time ass. children pastor and 2 part time workers to assist him

Pray that:

  1. We find a house soon. We were apart a lot this summer and I will be living in Spartanburg during the week and coming down on the weekend. I had no idea how hard it is to find/buy a house….we are going Thursday to look again at house in Lexington so pray on Thursday for us
  2. That Jackson adjust well
  3. That God will supply Crosswell all its needs and that people will step up even more than they already have.
  4. That I stay stress free and stay joyful in my God who has blessed us with everything

Here is Charlie’s resignation letter it is so well written I just had to post it:

Dear Crosswell Church Family,

A few months ago I received a phone call from the First Baptist Church of Columbia. The purpose of the phone call was to find out if I was interested in talking about the possibility of joining their staff as children’s minister. The phone call came as a surprise to me and my wife as we were not particularly interested in the idea of leaving Crosswell.

After many lengthy discussions with different people at First Baptist, it started to become clear that First Baptist had some unique needs and the type of man that they were looking for seemed to fit my personality, leadership style, and overall skills. It also started to become clear that God seemed to be at work in the process. In the end, after much discussion and prayer and with the blessing of Pastor Charles, my wife and I have decided to accept the distinct call of God and to accept the position of children’s pastor at First Baptist Columbia.

My last Sunday at Crosswell will be next week, September 2 and my last day is Thursday September 6. I have been and will continue to keep putting things in place for my departure.

Despite the new challenge ahead, we are not leaving Crosswell easily. We count every single one of you as dear friends. I consider each and every one of you as a brother, a sister, a father, a mother, a grandfather and a grandmother in Christ.

We will always have many fond memories of our rewarding time at Crosswell. First and foremost, your generosity has not gone unnoticed. A house-warming party, a baby shower and a love offering were just a few of the many ways that you as a church reached out to us.

We also experienced a lot of monumental occasions – my ordination, my first baptisms, my first full-time ministry position, and our first child. Most importantly, we will have a lot of memories that we can laugh at and fondly recall for the rest of our lives.

It is going to be hard to leave. But we will always thank God for the time that we have had together and we pray that you will invite us back in the future for special occasions. Please hold us, Crosswell, and First Baptist in your prayers as we all undergo this transition while trying to reach people with the Gospel of Christ.

With Much Love in Christ,

Charlie, Emily, and Jackson Wallace

Video of Jackson Walking a Little

Monday, August 20, 2007

Jackson took 10 steps in a Row! Walk, Walk, Walking?

Well last Thursday, August 16th, Jackson walked to Edna, the church secretary, up at the church offices. She had a cool box that she was playing with and he walked straight to her---I counted like 10 or 11 steps. From that point on he has taken 4 steps or so in a row but nothing like with Edna. However, since Jackson is into everything and I think I say “no” a million times a day, I am not anxious for him to start walking before his 1st B-day which is right around the corner. Once he starts walking we will have to buy many baby gates.

Today in church I was thinking about how proud I am when Jackson walks. Isn’t that how God is with us? Isn’t he very proud of us when we walk with Him or just show Christ’s love through our actions? I just cherish every time Jackson hugs me and whatever he is interested in, I become interested in. Sometimes we don’t pray to God about “little” things in our life because we don’t think that He will care. He does. And it takes having a child to understand that.

Something else that has been on my mind is that I want to give my heavenly Father a hug…but how does that exactly work? I am sorry but Jesus is NOT my boyfriend and I am not madly in love with Him in ‘that way’ – contrary to some modern worship songs. I love God and Jesus with all my heart, but how do I exactly show him that. I guess by telling him how much I love Him, and doing things that please Him. My son gets so excited when he does something that pleases me…isn’t that how God is with us?

Ps-Jackson said "Mama" today after I said it to him and he has 5 teeth!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pray for Jackson...He has a Viral Infection and Teeth are Coming Through

The last two pictures are Jackson when he does not get his way....He really wanted the camera. He is very dramatic. Yesterday, at the doctor he could have won an Oscar when they pricked his finger. He held his finger way up in the air and then buried his head in my chest. He acted like the nurse had just cut off his finger. We have had to break out the spanking spoon. I only used it once, and VERY lightly when he kept on knocking over Millie's water bowl when I had said "no" many times. Now, all I have to do it break out the spanking spoon and say "no" and he stops on a dime. Two front teeth have come through and he is very congested. We took him to the doctor yesterday and she took blood work and said it was just viral and gave us some dimetapp (this has worked well). He did not wake up at all last night....Praise God! The last couple of nights had been tough. He might be having allergies from the new carpet.

We are Back in Our House!

We moved back in last Thursday and it is so good to be back at our wonderful house where Charlie is just steps away!

Here is furniture that my dad's co-worker DONATED yes I said donated to us.... all of it! Thank you so much Lisa! I love all it!!!! Jackson has a new room with tons of furniture that is great. I really like the crib (it has wheels) and the changing table is huge!

The above picture is of Charlie when he was 10 months old....see the resemblance?

Visiting Virginia and Mrs. T in Sparkle!