Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Annabeth's One Year Letter and Stats

Dear Annabeth,
     It has been a busy year! We have struggled with some sickness this winter.  You got an ear infection in February, and then in March we all got a stomach bug that lasted five days. It was rough but my prayer has been that we will be victorious in all the struggles we have had. You got diagnosed with a double ear infection May 4th.  God has been teaching me a lot recently, and I am so thankful that we have been victorious over all of our struggles this year so far. 
    You are still in the 95th percentile and your crib is in our room so you wake up many nights if you have not gotten all the food you need or because you are teething but Charlie is the ONLY one that can cuddle you back to sleep! The other night he turned his back to you and you got you bottle and banged it to his back until he cuddled you back to sleep. It was hilarious! You remind us a lot of Jackson with your sweet spirit and you love to play, kick, and throw balls. You have being really attached to us, and cry now when we drop you off in nursery situation. Anyone reading this feel free to pray and plead the blood that this gets better for you. You do ok if one of your siblings can be with you. You are always joking and laughing and throwing your head back and opening your mouth up wide to laugh. You also love to blow people kisses. You are a JOY Joycee and I think about my sweet grandmother who is heaven (and you are partly named after) often when I see you. We love you so much, and can barely remember our lives without you.

Your stats from your 9 month well visit and from your 12 month well visit

 Amber Teething Necklace-Unfortunatley is not helping sweet girl