Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Abigail's 15 Month Old Stats

Weight: 22lbs 8 oz (42%)

Height: 31 1/4 inches (68%)

Head Circumference: 47 1/2 cm (87%)

Jackson at his 15 months old check up was also 22 pounds but 12 ozs, he was 30 inches and 1/4 (shorter than her!) and their head circumference was almost identical at this age. Check it out at this post.

Abigail is doing great. She is saying all kind of words now (the other day she saw a painting and the girl had a hat on and she said "hat), and while the doctor was examining her, she kept on saying "all done." Baby Signing Time videos have taught her so much. She loves to sing and can almost can sing "Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee" completely (I will have to get that on video). Recently, so loves to say "go potty," when her brother goes. I think I will be buying her a potty seat when she turns 18 months old since she is so interested in it, but right now she is still a baby in my mind.

We went to Dr. Bouknight said she we will clip her frenulum before she turned 7 years old, but we would not want to put her down just for that right now. YAY! The two weeks when she did not talk was probably because of all the fluid in her ears with all the ear infections she had in February.

The only thing that the doctor said that I had forgotten is that she does not need to have more than 8 ozs of juice a day. She has right about that much (I do half juice, half water).

She only had to get one Hep shot and Jackson was so sweet to her when she got it. He said, "its ok baby, I am right here (that is what I always say).

She has fallen a good bit recently, and the doctor said right now is one of the hardest times to move with a baby because they all love to explore right now.

Last night Jackson got sick to his stomach twice and Charlie (my prince) came to the rescue today. We were up from 2-4 am. Pray for him (that he does not get dehydrated like last time and have to go to the hospital), and pray that we have enough time to pack everything with him being sick! The movers will be here early Friday morning. Thank you so much for praying!

What are some of your recommendations for a 15 month old?

Wednesday's Word: Being a Witness

The other day when I was at one of our many doctors appointments, they kids were being remarkably good, and so I pulled out my little Bible and started reading my daily reading.

A lady, looked at me and asked me where I got my Bible and she explained that she is praying for her fiance to get back in church.

I was so thankful to be able to talk to her and be a witness for Him! It really made my day. So many times being a stay at home mom and being at church all the time, it is hard to be a witness, but praise the Lord for the internet and little moments at the doctors office!

I hate to waste time so I always carry by little Bible in my purse with my printed out daily reading plan.

John Macarthur's One Year Bible is also excellent as well. I also keep the book that I am trying to read in the car in case I ever get stuck somewhere.

What are some ways God has allowed you to be a witness for Him recently?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Video of Eggfest 2010-Jackson Hunting Eggs

Tuesday's Tip: A Phenomenal Blog

Check out Afraid of Failing!

Tasha went to seminary with us and I always admired her back then...her blog is amazing!

She has three babies under the age of 5 I think and this week everyday she is giving tips on creative little ways to make "Holy Week" special for your babies (she just started homeschooling this year).

What are you some of your favorite blogs that I might not know about?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Abigail has Changed a lot in a Year!

Below is the picture is from last year's Eggfest (she was almost 4 months), and the above picture is from this year's Eggfest where she was 15 months old. Wow, my baby has grown up fast!

Pictures from EggFest 2010

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy taking pictures with my professional camera!

Michelle called us Thursday and reminded us about the Easter Egg Hunt that FB was having on Saturday. We had been packing for hours on end and the kids had not been having that much fun, so we decided to go and it was so great to see everyone! As you can see Abigail had the best time, and she got more eggs than Jackson!

I could not have planned out our move any better because since we have had this month to pack, we have really gotten to spend some quality time with our friends that we love so much and are going to miss so much. Also, I have had time to clean out and throw away a lot and get organized through wonderful zip lock bags!


My babies are well!
God has granted me a lot of time to get most everything done.

That I have enough time to get everything packed and that we do not have to be up all night on Thursday night. Saturday night will be our first night in our house in Kings Mountain!

Additionally, I have some pictures from David Baptist Easter Egg hunt (I forgot my big camera) and a video from FB Easter Egg Hunt that will hopefully be up at the end of this week, or the beginning of next week. Stay tuned and thank you so much for praying for us during this transition means so much to us!

We are so excited about what God has called us to do now, and it was so wonderful and emotional to see a woman accept Christ as her personal Lord and Savior on Sunday. God is so good!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Piggly Wiggly Deal This Weekend

I went into Piggly Wiggly today and they said you can use your Greenbax on anything this weekend. She said each Greenbax is worth $1.50...not really sure how you earn Greenbax though so let me know if you know! I was just in Piggly Wiggly getting boxes and the nice lady in their was explaining their deal to me. I cannot believe we move to Kings Mountain, North Carolina in 7 days!

Pray that:

We have enough time to get it all packed! It has been hard with the kids to get much done. Ashley came over and packed my china one day, and I have had help from First Baptist (I have also had help from Ashley J). We are so blessed!

PS- To really save money visit

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday's Word: Heaven at Home

Establishing and Enjoying a Peaceful Home

by Ginger Plowman is my new book I am reading this month. I am still doing pretty good considering all what we have going on, reading 15 pages a day of a Christian book, Monday-Friday.

I really enjoyed Plowman's book, Don't Make Me Count To Three, and I wanted to read another book that she had written about parenting. However, this book is about being a beautiful bride of Christ, a great wife, and mom, which is great to read about as well!

I have only gotten through the first chapter, and but I cannot wait to read the rest!

She writes,

"You see, establishing and enjoying a peaceful home is for God's glory. A Christ-centered home does result in a more productive, more fulfilling life, but only because it is first focused on Christ. It is a way to fulfill the very purpose for which we were created---to worship God in all we do (15)."

How do we worship God in all that we do?

By speaking kindly to our husband and children.

How else can we as women, as wives, as mothers worship Him in all that we do? Love to hear your thoughts!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Which Easter Picture Do You Like Best?

Let me know what your favorite pictures are (Pictures taken by Portrait Innovations).

It has been a crazy week. I came to Columbia Tuesday for Tot trade and for Abigail's frenulum myself Tuesday and Wednesday night.

We had a long ordeal with the insurance company and were not able to see the ENT.

Abigail did see her regular doctor and has another ear infection. This is her 3rd ear infection since Feb. 3rd, so looks like she is on the fast track to tubes. So, I think we are going to wait to go back to the ENT for another month because then she might be able to do tubes and clip her frenulum all at the same time.

Huge Praise!

We found a house to rent from church members! It is next door to another church member who are really active and they help run the children's ministry. It has a huge back yard and back porch and deck. It is the perfect house for us. As of now, we are moving into this house April 2nd. God is so good to provide for our needs and more!

Pray that

1. My babies stop getting ear infections.

2. That our house sells (We are so thankful that our wonderful church is giving us 6 months rental allowance).

Thank you for your prayers during this time of transition. We are excited to see what all God has in store, and what all He is going to do through us at our new church.

My Sweet Pretty Baby Girl

Had Easter Pictures taken yesterday at Portrait Innovations with Mimi. More pictures to come hopefully tomorrow!

Thursday's Tip: Special One Day Event!

at Babies R Us (and I saw on facebook Toys R US as well)

On Saturday, March 20, receive a FREE $20 gift card with your purchase of TWO value boxes of Pampers Diapers with Dry Max (92-252 ct.).

Click here to purchase online:

(This offer valid in-store and online on March 20 only! While supplies last.)

PLUS, don't miss out on live Dry Max demos and FREE giveaways at your local Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us store! Call your local store for details.

These are new diapers and there was a coupon is last Sunday's paper for them as well.

My flyer says from 12-4 pm, but I would call the store because it might be all day.

Food tip:

If you want something to eat and are not hungry wait 15 minutes. If 15 minutes pass by, and you still want it then it is usually good to go ahead and eat it then because that means you really do want to eat it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Heart Publix!

They have fun carts with wheels them for my kids. They have some pretty amazing deals most weeks (check out southernsaver). ..along with coupons in their stores. They give my kids balloons, and it is all around a really fun peaceful experience. Anytime we are in Spartanburg, we will be shopping at Publix.

Looks like God has provided the perfect house for us to rent. More details on that soon...stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: Kids Eat Free in

Spartanburg Here:

Denny's Restaurants My Kids Eat Free
2306 Reidville Road
Spartanburg, SC
Kids Eat Free* Tuesday And Saturday Nights From 4pm - 10pm And Other Nights Too In Some Locations! Kids 10 And Under. Up To Two Free Kids' Entrees From Kids' Menu Per One Regularly Priced Adult EntrĂȘe Purchase. Selection & Prices May Vary.
Nights: Tues | Sat |

Firehouse Subs My Kids Eat Free
127 Blackstock Rd. Ste 700
Spartanburg, SC
Wed. & Sun.
Nights: Wed | Sun |

Moe's Southwest Grill My Kids Eat Free
101 Dorman Centre Dr.
Spartanburg, SC
Kids 12 & Under One Free With Each Adult Entree Purchase All Day Tuesdays And 4-close Saturdays
Nights: Tues | Sat |

Piccadilly Restaurants My Kids Eat Free
151 Peachwood Center Dr.
Spartanburg, SC
.99 Kid's Meals All Day Thursday And From 11am - 4 Pm On Saturdays (dine In Only)
Nights: Thurs | Sat |

The Smokin Pig Bbq
1926 Boiling Spings Road
Boiling Springs, SC
Kids Eat Free On Thursdays
Nights: Thurs |

Also, we are doing our best this year to keep track of our budget for the entire year. I really want to know how much we spend on groceries, out to eat, and misc. per month. Then, hopefully we will be able to divide it by twelve to see what our yearly average is for groceries, clothes, out to eat, etc.

We also have been to Carter Outlet at the Gaffney Outlet mall because we had a 20% off coupon. Then, they gave us another $10 off when we spend $35 or more during certain days in March.

Also, Stride Rite (and Goody Toe Shoes) are having buy one get one half off sale right now. Yay, for new shoes (unfortunately. Jackson has my bad pronation problem and has to have really good shoes).

What is your money saving tip for this week?

Monday, March 08, 2010

Pictures of Jackson's Golf Swing

Charlie loves the sports option on the our new camera. I just like taking pictures that do not turn out blurry. Jackson is having the best time being here with my parents, and as you can see he is way obsessed with golf right now. My dad will sit outside with him for like an hour while he hits the ball over and over again. Dad does not give him much instruction at all because he said he does better without any. I am so thankful for this time and for my parents! It looks like Jackson has some natural ability. My dad recently bought him a real driver that is coming in the Golf Shop soon, and my dad had already bought him a real kids putter that we caught Jackson petting last night....crazy! He has always loved golf...even when he was Abigail's age, he would watch it on tv for long periods of time.

Movie Monday: Our "Serious" Little Golfer

Sunday, March 07, 2010

More February Pictures taken with My New Camera

Still learning how to take pictures with my new camera. Loved all the advice I got from the last post on my first round of pictures with this wonderful camera. Keep the advice coming!

Matching Easter Outfits For My Babies at

Children's Place! I did fun online shopping yesterday, and thought this would be the cutest matching outfits for them. Click here to check out all the selection.

The dress was $15 and the sweater vest I think was $10. I also got a white sweater to go with the dress for Abigail. I got 15% off the purchase with a coupon they had. I also can fill out an online survey and get another 15% off my next purchase. Jackson will wear blue polo pants he has and a long selves button down white shirt under this cute sweater vest. I heart Children's Place along with dressing my babies alike. Hopefully, we will have time to take them to get some Easter pictures taken at some point as well.