Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We are in Love

My friend Megan Goke took these pictures. Feel free to email me at for more information for her to take pics of your little one. The pictures turned out so great and this is just the sneak peak.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Annabeth Joyce Wallace is Here!

Born: April 16th, 3:09 am
Weighing: 7 pounds 9 ozs, 21 inches

On my due date, Sunday April 15th, I woke up thinking that I was close to going into labor and ran around the house jumping up and down for joy...Annabeth was going to figure this out on her own (all my other babies I had to be induced with). I was going to be patient for her! I had some contractions but then at lunch time everything stopped. I had my Zaxby's salad for lunch took a nap, and then at 4 pm things started back up again. 

I had contractions every 10 minutes and the pain was starting to bring me to my knees. So at 10 pm we checked into the hospital. They confirmed I was 4 cm, but wanted my contractions to be more like 5 to 7 min apart. Then, they made me walk around the facility for an hour (which I agreed to do), and in that hour I went from 4 cm to 6 cm. WOW! 

Charlie commented that I said some interesting things during that hour such as "I am not having this baby naturally!"...haha! SO by the time I got my epidural I was either 7 cm or 8 cm. My water broke on its own at 9 cm, and it all went so fast. My parents got their around 12 am and I had ABJ three hours later. My poor mama had to deal with 8 cm Emily trying to hold still for an epidural. I am so thankful for her and it is so wonderful that she has been there to see all three of my babies born. I pushed for 6 minutes (3 pushes) and she was out . . . even though she wanted to come out face first but somehow ended up coming out right thanks to my amazing doctor. It was so neat that my doctor graduated from the University of Georgia in '74 and my mama graduated in '72. I had only been going to see Dr. Peach towards the end because I liked him so much. I knew he was on call on my due date but I thought he would be off at 12 am, but he was not off till 8 am. God gets all the glory for working those details out!

Annabeth Joyce is our biggest baby! Jackson and Abigail were 6 lbs 14 and 6 lbs 11. Today I feel great, and do not feel like I just had a baby (again because of my fantastic doctor), and I am off Motrin because I feel so good. 

Every day for the past week, me and the kids prayed that ABJ would come on her own. We prayed out loud for the delivery every day. Her entire wonderful delivery was because of Jesus and the power of prayer. People on Facebook were praying, church members were praying. God taught me so much of the importance of prayer the week before she was born. Everyday I am making a point to pray out loud with either my husband, kids, or friends. Charlie prayed with me at 9 cm when I started crying. He did so great during the speedy delivery and I am so thankful for what a wonderful daddy he is. He is a better swaddler than I am, and is just so great feeding her and taking care of her. I know it is hard for some men to love their babies immediately and take care of them, but he does and I am so thankful he loves them so deeply.

What a great and mighty God we serve and we are so thankful to him for this precious gift.