Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"Thank You For Sharing a Wonderful Day Mommy"

Just to warn you this is going to be a mushy post...

Last night while putting Jackson to bed for the first round he said,

"Thank you for sharing a wonderful day Mommy."

I know he got this phrase from a book or show but cannot think of it right now. I was thinking how sweet he was when he goes on further and says,

"Thank you for taking me to Chick Fil A today."

"Abigail and me, love you very much."

Oh wow, tears start coming.

"Thank you."

It is a phrase moms of Preschoolers rarely get to hear it seems.

My love language is definitely words of affirmation now since being a mom of little ones you do not get "thank you," too often. Growing up, my parents were so great in affirming me and I am so thankful for them for that.

Also, this appreciation is something I did not think I would hear from him for a while, since he was tongued tied and has had a lot of catching up to do after his surgery. He can really express his emotions so well now.

Jackson was re-evaluated recently and is doing so well. Overall, his speech is at a 3 and half year old level, but his expressive speech is almost exactly where it needs to be with his age. So I guess he is only three or so months behind now.

He will not be getting speech therapy this summer, but his speech therapist is giving me a folder of stuff to work on this summer. I will be hopefully posting some of the things we are working on throughout the summer.

He will get speech at the school for 30 minutes a week next school year with the therapist at Bethware, and we have singed him up for Resurrection Lutheran Church Preschool for two days a week with his buddy at church.

God gets all the glory for bringing Jackson almost right where he needs to be, and next year he might not even qualify for speech. It has been so awesome to see God's glory shine through my little baby boy who is growing up so fast.

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Anonymous said...

i am so happy to hear things have gone so well with jackson's speech. truman is doing the same! i am still reading your posts, thanks for sharing your family. i found your blog when i was searching the term "speech delay" on google almost 2 years ago! how lovely that he said so many thanks to you this day!