Monday, October 24, 2011

Jackson's 5th Birthday Party Pictures!

Finally! Only a month plus late...haha!

All summer I tried to plan Jackson's 5th birthday party. Last year, we just had a small family party and so for his 5 year old party I wanted to do a big party (especially since he has like 17 kids in his Pre K class). So, I talked with friends, got to borrow a bouncy castle, and since this summer he went crazy over Cars 2, the theme of the party was easy. I also had friends bring their power wheels and we did power wheel rides around the church, and little roller coaster ride inside the church (again borrowed from a friend). I also made pigs and blanket and meaty cheese dip (just finger food). It went great! I think we had 40 people come. Jackson will always remember it!

Now of course Abigail is begging for a princess party. Any ideas? I really do not want to do a big party since she only has few kids in her class.

I am so proud of Jackson this year. He is doing great in school and writes his name every time he signs in. He is doing so great in soccer as well, really turning the ball around and scoring. But most of all, I am proud of how much he knows about the Bible and how he already seems to be preaching. Last week, I caught him reading his Bible on his own and preaching. When he had strep throat at the beginning of the school year, he told a man in the doctors office that Jesus died for his sins and really started witnessing to him. I know God has a very special plan for Jackson, and I can't wait to see God's glory keep shinning through my precious little boy.

Stay tuned for another post tomorrow! I turned 15 weeks yesterday and we think as of now we find out what we are having the week of Thanksgiving, but I will know definitely next week on Tuesday when I go for my 16 week visit. Abigail cannot wait for this baby to come!

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