Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Baby #3 IS


Annabeth Joyce Wallace

Family names (Anna is Charlie's mom's name), and we have always loved the name Annabeth. Joyce is after my mom's mom and is a family name on Charlie's side of the family as well.

Annabeth means, "favor or grace, and He (God) has favored me." I love reading about Anna in the New Testament who was a prophetesses who devoted her life to God.

We were not as set on a boy name, as a girl name. Abigail really wanted a girl baby so I am joyful for her, not to mention I can find all my girl clothing a lot better than my boys clothing right now.

It is awesome that I can now feel her move all the time. The doctor said I am measuring right on time and the baby looked perfectly healthy . . . Praise God! I am overwhelmed by God's gifts he has given us, and by HIS plan for our lives. This week I am 21 weeks pregnant. Time is going a lot faster with baby number three, although Abigail asks everyday if she can come out tomorrow. Love it!

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