Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Letter to Jackson

Mama is not having an easy time the night before your first day of kindergarten. I wanted to write you a quick letter:

Dear Jackson,

     I am so proud of you. We have been through a lot together. A fire before you were even a year old, not being able to speak because you were tongue-tied 'till you were three, and more recently 10 episodes of strep with terrible blisters and your tonsils coming out (and having to go to the hospital for dehydration after getting your tonsils out). You have always been a mama's boy, and have cried many times when I have dropped you off (unlike your sister).
     Tonight as I list your strengths to your teacher it brings tears to my eyes. The three strengths I listed were that you were a great problem solver, great story teller and sociable, and great on the ipad playing games (especially x-box games). My sweet buddy who could not talk until he was three is one of the best story tellers I have ever heard. I know you will reach many people for Jesus, as you already have. You can tell anyone who will listen all about Adam and Eve, Moses, Joshua, and especially about Jesus.  We are very excited about you being right across the street from David Baptist and looking forward to meeting lots of people to invite to David. It seems like the entire church already goes there and you know so many people. Your kindergarten teacher was one of the first people we met when we moved here, and you played soccer with her daughter. She goes to First Baptist, and from what I can tell loves Jesus and her family very much. You dressed up like Woody the year her daughter dressed up as Jessie and I actually have a picture of y'all from that Halloween.
     Tonight we had soccer practice. You are so good at soccer! You really have some moves. I guess the hardest thing for mommy tonight is that I just really enjoy being with you. You are so enjoyable and  a sweet boy. You hardly ask me for anything. Mommy is going to miss you so much for seven hours of the day, but excited to see you learn to read and write better and excited for you to make more friends. God has such great and mighty plans for you.


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