Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Baby's Schedule

At first Jackson did not know where he was so him being on a schedule did not matter. I just tried to keep him awake for 4 hours of the day and made sure he ate around every 3 hours (not any sooner than 2 1/2 hours unless it was an emergency). He was a great baby and would sleep from like 11-2 and then go back to sleep till 6 am. Now I want him to have some sort of scheduled wake time and nap time but it is hard because his stomach hurts him and that determines when he is awake or when he is asleep.

I do recomend new mom to read Baby Wise but be cautious about how strict it is. If your baby is crying uncontrolably pick him up!

Right now his day is like this:

5-7 am morning feeding time
10 am midmorning feeding (try to have wake time from 10am-11:30ish and then lay him down for a nap)
1 pm lunch time (wake time, nap time)
4 pm another feeding (same)
7 pm dinner (same)
9:45 pm bath time
10 pm last feeding put him straight to bed (with a night light on) in his crib with music playing so he knows it is bed time.

*all these times are not exact
* every feeding have a diaper change (I usually do it before the feeding because it really wakes up Boo Boo. If you do it after the feeding he will probably go to the bathroom on you)
*Also if he is gasy I give him generic mylicon drops before each feeding

He needs to get 24 ozs no more than 32 ozs. This schedule has worked and he does sleep anywhere from 11-5 or 7am. Jackson gets 5 ozs every feeding (a couple weeks ago he was only getting 4 ozs). If he gets less thana 28 ozs he will wake up at 2am hungry so it is important to get those ozs in during the day. Some of my friends put some cereral in the milk for the last feeding but that may cause constipation which he does not need anymore of.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a 6 week old baby schedule? Should he just have two big naps during the day?

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C. Andrew Jones III said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Emily. Jackson's cute. I'll be sure to let Janel (though childless she be) know about this blog; she'll love it.