Monday, November 01, 2010

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week 3


I lost 2.4 pounds this week! Yay!

If you have been keeping up so far I have not lost any weight doing WeightWatchers until this week.

What was the change?

Patience, and having a friend at the church go with me. In the middle of last week, I was ready to give up. I was already going over my points daily by 5 or 10 per day, and had a Halloween weekend coming up. I facebooked my friend and she said she was doing good, so that gave me encouragement to keep going. Doing it with someone is really a bigger deal than I had originally thought. Did I eat candy? Yes. Did I eat lots of candy? No, and I am sending a big zip lock bag of candy to work with Charlie (it is hard because Jackson does not like candy...but my sweet baby girl loves candy).

Weight loss is kind of like college football (which is on at our house right now a lot). Sometimes you are down by two touchdowns, but is the game over yet? No. Sometimes in weight loss you have actually gained a pound, but is it Monday and weigh in day? No. Never giving up is huge because once you give up all hope, you have lost the game or the battle. There is power in thinking positively, but there is even more power in knowing that you have the Holy Spirit working supernaturally in you not to sin. We might lose battles here on earth, but praise the Lord King Jesus will win the war and sin will be defeated once and for all. I am really looking forward to that day right now! Praying daily that the Holy Spirit will empower me to love myself less and not indulged myself and depend completely on Him. All the glory to Him!

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TeamStutts said...

2.4 lbs is awesome!!!!! great job!