Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Princess Dance Camp=Fantastic

I love that Abigail wants to be a princess ALL the time. We are all God's little princesses.

But, Abigail wanting to go to a dance class VERY badly, all started after watching "Dora" Ballet. Everyday, she asked, "Mommy, can I go to my dance class today?" So, when some of my friends told me about Princess Dance Class with a woman who teaches at RLS (La Petitte Dance Studio), I though it might be a possibility for her even though she is only 2 and half. Then, when one of her friends at church I heard was going, I knew she would do great. Yesterday, she did not even want me to walk her to the car. She said, "You can stay here; me and daddy are going to my Dance class." Wow, Abigail and Jackson are so different, and I love how girly-girl Abigail is! She goes everyday this week form 9-12:30. She is loving being a big girl!

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Tyson said...

How adorable! It’s so great to see that Abigail wanted to take up dancing. I hope she had been having fun in the Princess Dance class. Who knows, maybe this can be something that she can take to adulthood. Dancing will teach her so much about herself and about being a better person.

++ Tyson Sieger ++