Friday, January 06, 2012

Bye Bye Paci

So, my plan with Abigail was on or after her third birthday to get rid of her pacifier that she is VERY attached to.

Well her birthday is December 5th, and SO much was going on, so we decided to push it to January 1st.

I have to admit with all the nesting that is going on with me, getting rid of her paci was not a high priority.

Tuesday, January 3rd I took both Abigail and Jackson for their yearly well check ups and the doctor talked to Abigail a long time about getting rid of her paci and talked about a fairy coming and getting it.

Thursday, January 5th, she tells Ms. Megan that she was done with her paci. Since she said this, I thought it would be a good day to do it. I do not tell her some fairy that does not exist comes and gets it. Instead, I

1). Told her that the doctor says we cannot give it to her anymore, and that it is bad for her teeth. TRUTH

2). Then, I made her cut her three pacifiers. This way, she will not blame mommy for destroying it. I actually gave her scissors and she cut them, and put them in the trash can.

3). Lastly, we do lots of praising, telling her that she is a big girl. Also, today we went to Target and got a Polly Pocket little house for a treat for her. We are so proud of her!

*We did the same steps for Jackson, and it worked well, although night three was the hardest for him:

To be honest, she has been so fussy recently, we have not seen a huge difference in her. But, please continue to keep us in your prayers. She did tell Charlie after she cut it that we should just go to Target to get another one and that is when he told her that the doctor told us we cannot give it to her anymore. Also, pray for me Monday, I have my gestational diabetes test which I failed both times with Jackson and Abigail. I only failed the test with Abigail by ONE point, which was very frustrating having to go to the hospital to take the three hour test. I am 25 week and will be 26 weeks Sunday. I think week 27 I will be in my third trimester! Last visit I did measure one week ahead of what I was. Easter could become my new due date, April 8th, AH!

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