Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So Proud of Jackson...Getting Rid of the Paci

I do not think I have ever been as proud of Jackson as I am today.

Nothing has come easy for Jackson, and for many crazy reasons we did not get rid of his pacifier when he turned 3 like originally planned (I really wanted to wait until he could understand why we were getting rid of it).

So, by his 4th birthday, we were determined. Almost every day for the last two months, we have been preparing him for when he turns 4, he is not allowed to have his pacifier anymore (the doctor says we are not allowed to give it to him when he sleeps).

So, this is how we did it.
  • Monday, I let him cut his green pacifier. Jackson likes to be in control, so I knew if we said he gave to some baby, he would beg to go get it. He cut it, and he threw it in the trash can.
  • All day Monday he did not have it, and then by 11:45 pm when he still would not go to sleep we gave him his last blue one because I had to get up at 6:45 am to teach 1 year olds at Bible Study (CBS), and he had Preschool the next morning.
  • Tuesday, when we got back from Preschool, he cut his blue pacifier (the silicon part), and threw it in the trash. I explained to him that there were no more in the house, and we were not allowed to give it to him anymore. I was determined to not give it to him last night and to be up all night with him, since we had no where to go Wednesday morning.
  • We replaced it, with stuffed Mickey Mouse that he has been chewing on.
  • Last night, he went to sleep on his own in his bed by 11 pm. I laid hands on him and prayed in Jesus' powerful name that he would have the supernatural strength to get through the night. God gets all the glory! I cannot believe he did not wake up crying. When I slept with him last weekend, at 3 am when he could not find his pacifier he woke himself up until he could find it.
  • If he goes seven nights without it, he will get a Caillou dvd (Aunt Sandi's suggestion).
  • Keep praying for him, he is very tired and all over the place. Pray that he can keep it up and the God's glory can shine through him. I am determined to never give it to him again, so pray for us as well! I am emotional because no one cut off my thumb when I was 4 year old...haha!


Betsy said...

go jackson!!! so wonderful! stay strong mommy (:

Emily Wallace said...

Thank you Betsy! He has done so well, no major breakdowns. Tonight will be night three of no pacifier. It is like watching someone stop smoking though, shakes and all...haha! Miss you!