Saturday, April 07, 2007

Pictures April 7th 2007

Jackson is doing well, enjoying his squash and apples. Charlie accidentally gave Jackson squash for breakfast! Yum! Ladies, some men may need explicit directions for feeding! Breakfast is cereal and fruit. Lunch is vegetable and fruit. Dinner is cereal, vegetable and fruit. Oh well, I guess Charlie was half asleep. We are going to try carrots next week. The above picture is of Charlie putting Jackson to bed for the night. Yes, I have seen babies that you just put down in the crib and the go to sleep. However, we have let Jackson cry it out a couple times and it goes on for at least 20 minutes and keeps getting worse minute by minute. He is fine for his 2 or 3 naps during the day. I can usually put him down in the crib and he will just cry for like 5 minutes or so and then go to sleep (especially if I put his blanket in there). But when it is time for bed time around 9:15-9:30 it is a battle. So, we found the best thing to do is not let him sleep from 6 pm on, and then he will watch tv with his daddy and just fall asleep within ten minutes. We hope to not have to do this forever, but for now this works the best. He is crawling up on all fours now, but mainly crawling backwards. He loves to talk and even says "hey," and "da-da." He understands the word "no" now and he is starting to test me. I will say "no" and then he will slowly do what I said "no" to, looking at me the entire time. So, we are starting to put him in his crib for a couple minutes when he does something we told him "no" to. If that does not work, I just pop him (not hard) on his hand one time with a cardboard rod. Trust me this works and is biblical. We cannot just take everything that is dangerous away from him when I know he understands me. I usually only use this discipline if it is something that can hurt him or someone else. BabyWise II really gives good advice for disciplining the 5-15 month old.

He did great at the 6 month check up (even though he is going to be 7 months this week). He is 17 07 and in the 50 percentile in everything. The doctor said he was "perfect."

Grand and Gigi came for a quick visit and this picture of Grand and him is in the local Christian bookstore. They will not get to see him for a while! We also went to Columbia on Thursday night and finally found some 12 month pj's with feet at the Childrens Place out in SandHills. We have to have feet because he pulls off his socks at night. Oh yeah, Aunt Sandi gave Jackson the cute hat. Thanks Aunt Sandi!

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