Sunday, April 29, 2007

We left Jackson again for 2 nights

Well, we did it again...we left Jackson with Grand and Gigi for two nights. After falling off the bed and going to the doctors (do not worry - he is fine and landed face first---God gets all the glory), we met dad halfway to let Jackson spend some time with the grandparents. Trust me, him falling off the bed was one of the scariest moments of my life, and it was only after the second I left the room that it happened. Anyway, we had a great time Friday night and we both played in our church softball games. Charlie did well and had a couple of hits. For me, it was a riot, and I had a foul ball and hit the second pitch that was caught by the pitcher. We had a lot of fun. Then Saturday, we had marriage counselling with a couple Charlie is marrying in September, and then Charlie wrote an article for The Item. Today, I went to Columbia to get my Boo Boo, who I missed sooo much (we met at Kelly's apartment). Grand, unfortunately, ran a temperature Saturday night, and has a sinus infection, so yall please pray that Jackson does not get sick!

Jackson always comes back smarter from his trip. Last time he said "daddy," this time my mom somehow got him to say "The Gigi." I guess it is all that attention he gets. Also, his first tooth has really broke through the skin.

Ps-Jackson had his pictures taken at the church by a company for the youth fund raiser--I hope to get them scanned and show them to yall soon.

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