Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I Really Want to Learn How to My Boy's Hair!

Charlie seems to need a haircut every 6-8 weeks which is crazy!

Here is what I know:
  • I feel comfortable cutting the back of Charlie's hair and around his ears, but not the middle section of his hair
  • For amateurs it is the most helpful to wet his hair with a spray bottle
  • You can get a cheap hair cutting set with scissors and all at Walmart (one of my friend's posted a facebook status that she cut her little boy's hair and it has gotten me motivated)
  • You can cut a straight line by using your finger or a comb
  • Here is the best post I have seen on cutting a little boy's hair. She gives step by step directions with pictures included.
  • This video was also helpful
What I do not know:
  • How to cut the middle section of the hair. Layers? I feel clueless so I might really mess up their hair
  • Do you have any advice on how to cut hair? I think I might try to trim Charlie hair in the back this weekend.


Jaime said...

I have cut my husband's hair since we were in college (7 years ago) and saved at least $1000 doing this. I just use clippers and he has a short hair cut. They have really long guides that would probably work for Jackson's style of hair. You can use long guides for the top and short guides for the sides. I love using clippers (with guides) on kids because it is safe and hard to mess up. I usually give my uncle-in-law and cousin-in-law regular hair cuts as well (again, with clippers).

I have just started to cut my daughter's hair and plan to continue as she get's older. It's an adventure now because she's 17 months old and squirmy! I always tell myself that if I don't cut her (which I never have) it's a success. Hair will always grow back.

Shannon Bradley said...

For "layers"/fade in the back of Luke's hair I put a section of hair (randomly, dont try to do it perfectly) in between my left fingers (as if I am cutting it with my fingers) in a horizontal position/sometimes slightly angled and then I cut whatever is hanging out! I dont know if this makes sense!! It is hard to describe! :) Luke HATES getting his hair cut now! Hope it works for you! :)

Shannon Bradley said...

Correction!! NOT horizontal! VERTICAL ahahhah oopsie!