Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a Week!

Well first, the greatest news of this week is that three of my girls in my group accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! Helping lead girls to Christ was definitely one of the highlights of my year so far. I had chills when talking to one child and the circumstance she is in. They were all so remorseful and sorry for their sins. God is so good!

VBS is going great this year and I think we have had 340 workers and kids which is up 50 or so people. I love the group format!

Also, last Friday we pulled out the potty I bought at the mom sale last year. Within 10 minutes he used the bathroom on the potty. We were in shock. If I had not been told by a doctor that I had to wait, we would have probably tried really hard about 6 months ago. Anyway, he did really well for the next few days and even went #2 on his potty on Saturday. Then, on Wednesday he woke up dry and did not have one accident all day. He went to the bathroom at church and even at a Mexican restaurant. He gets a cookie every time he goes to the bathroom but on Wednesday he was so successful I did not give him one 2 or 3 times (especially in the morning...yuck).

I really think the key with Jackson is that he was so ready and I did not try to early for him. Also I just keep a pull up on all day and have his potty out so he can go whenever he wants to go. He did so well on Wednesday he even pulled down his pull up while I was changing Abigail's diaper in the other room, and went all on his own. He was also able to tell me that he had to go potty as well. He is becoming such a big boy, and one night I forgot to say our prayers (I have had bronchitis as well this week) he said "pray" and then folded his little hands and closed his eyes as I prayed...oh there were tears from mommy. He then said, "cry?" and I said no happy cry. Ha! I am just so proud of all the words he is using. God is so good for answering our prayers.

My only dilemma now is how I am going to help him use the restroom in a public bathroom with a baby who wants to crawl. Umbrella stroller? Love to hear any suggestions on potty training and taking your toddler into public restrooms.

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