Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I am ordering This Steamer Soon from QVC!

Natalie writes (this picture is from what she cooked):

"Last night I used my Technique 3 tier steamer and made tilapia filets and asparagus. On the side I made minute rice. It was a delicious 6 point meal. Did you know that for 4 ounces of tilapia, it's only 2.5 points? The pic below is what it looked like when finished."

I love asparagus and with all the fresh veggies we are getting from people at the church, this steamer will be a great way to cook veggies.

She also says,

"HOT NEW FIND!! This thing is awesome! I steamed boneless skinless chicken breast in the bottom tray, cauliflower in the middle and fresh yellow squash and zuchinni in the top tray. Most tender chicken I have EVER eaten and all the fat dripped away. I coated everything in extra virgin olive oil (just a little), sea salt..."

She is on facebook and is so close to reaching her goal. I think she has lost 80 pounds through Weight Watchers and she posts every week on her group on facebook, "Knotts So Much of Me," you can join.

I am having a really good week this week, eating healthy and feeling great. Weighing in every Monday morning at the house.

What is your weight lose tip this week (or eating more healthy tip)?

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The King's daughter said...

Hi ! Emily my name is Pilar I 'm from Greenville ,Sc.
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have a bless day !

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