Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: Weight Watchers and Budgeting

Weight Watchers Tips:

  • I got off going to Weight Watchers meetings after we moved but I am back to using their journal and my first tip is to plan out what you will eat every day right when you wake up!
  • Normal day of eating for me is: Fiber One Bar first thing: 2 points, Smart One Chicken Alfredo frozen meal: 6 points, Fiber One yogurt:0 points, Weight Watchers brownie (heated up in the microwave): 2 points with light cool whip on top, Junior Burrito at Moe's: 8 points, chips and some dip: 4 points, Red Velvet cake bar: (found only at Weight Watchers meetings) 1 point. Total used 23 points even though my goal is 22. Writing down what you eat is huge, and I love the 3 month journal that is found only at the meetings.
  • Every other day I eat Special K Chocolate Protein Shake for breakfast for 3 points. I try not to have the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. I also try to wait to I am hungry to eat!
  • Recently, I have enjoyed the new Special K vanilla almond cereal. What are some low calorie/ low point food that you enjoy?
  • I am making a new personal legalism of only spending $100 a Walmart per week on groceries, medicine, diapers etc. I will not go back to Walmart for 7 days, not matter what!
  • Trying to not spend more than $200 a week on groceries and out to eat food
  • Check on how you are doing at least once I week...I do it on Mondays usually.
  • We try to spend no more that $3 on breakfast for all of us, $5 for lunch and $10 for dinners for all of us.
  • What are your money saving tips for this week or budgeting suggestions?


Foodscapes, Inc. said...

I hate to sound mean...but have you considered eating real food? Not only might it save you a few pennies..but it would set a good example for your beautiful children :)

alyssa said...

I think I have mentioned this before but my kids and I both love green smoothies...frozen banana, any kind of frozen fruit and some handfuls of spinach. I also add in some wheat germ or flaxseed. It may sound gross but it's really yummy and not that many points. For lunches I will eat a turkey sandwich on double fiber wheat bread(0 points!) with some spinach, avocado and hummus. It also is very satisfying. I will also eat some pretzels too. Another lunch option for me is a spinach( i eat a lot of the stuff) salad. I will put some turkey and a hard boiled egg(for extra protein) and some avocado. You could put any veggie you want and get a salad with virtually no points.
I understand what foodscapes is saying too. I have been trying to stay away from processed foods myself and I do feel better about what I eat and what I am giving me kids. I started off getting the weight watchers frozen meals but then opted for something more "real." And if i ever have a sweet craving, I will eat a dove dark chocolate square. Good luck on the WW! Can't wait to hear how you do!

Emily Wallace said...

Thank you for all the tips!

We have a couple at the church who has their own garden and we eat cucumbers, squash, and tomato's many days so we are so thankful.

I do only eat WW meals 2 or 3 times a week for lunch and I never eat the same thing for 2 days in a row so I do not get bored.

I do great during the day but at night I tend to overeat some, and it is hard when my kids are constantly eating and handing me half eaten muffins that are going to go to waste..ha!