Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Jackson's First Trip to the Dentist

We had many different people tell us different things about when to take our babies to the dentist. Some people said don't take them when they are two, because they will not do a cleaning, and all their teeth have not come in yet.

So we were planning on taking Jackson to the dentist when he was three for his first cleaning and check up and then when he was three we moved. Then soon after we moved, Charlie had his gallbladder out, and then well...his first visit was last week. Abigail's first visit will definitely be right after she turns three years old, but I am only taking them once a year until their permanent teeth come in as of now.

Some things I learned at the dentist:
  1. We need to brush their gums at least once a day. Not brushing your babies' gums can cause gingivitis. It is tricky with Jackson because he has big lips and we need yo pull the lips back. Jackson did have some build-up on one side, but the nurse said brushing his gums for three days straight on that side will get rid of it. We already use a spin brush on him.
  2. Need to floss back four molars daily for sure. They have these teeth utill they are four years old. Any tips on how to do this easier let me know! Might be getting those devices that makes flossing easier.
  3. They do not have x rays until they are five years old.
We went to Pediatric Dental Care in Gastonia (Dr. Conner). I was very happy with the experience. They let me come back there for his first visit and he got a balloon, sugar free sucker, and a token to get a prize.

Another thing we are going back and forth debating now is dental insurance. It cost us $180 for Jackson's visit, but dental insurance for us all is around $120 a month....now that does not add up if you ask me. Do you have dental insurance? If so do you think it is worth it?

Also, do you have any tips on cleaning your Preschooler's teeth?


Leah F said...

We used to have dental insurance but when we had healthy teeth (just cleanings, no cativities), we were spending more $$ on insurance than on the dentist. Instead we opted to put the money for cleanings into a Flex Spending Account. This money is deducted from Nathan's paycheck pre-tax and put into an account. After we get our teeth cleaned and pay for it, we submit our receipts to our FSA for reimbursement. It works for us! There are many options for FSAs--just research through your insurance company, bank or even Guidestone. Hope the Wallaces are well!

Emily Wallace said...

Thanks so much Leah for the information! I might be calling you soon which some questions and to catch up! Your new baby girl is beautiful!