Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monkey Joe's: Half Price Wednesdays

About every week, one of my babies asks to go to Monkey Joe's. We have not been since cousin Jake's birthday in December, and now we have been twice in two weeks. The above pictures were two Monday's ago in Spartanburg. Charlie had a meeting every night last week and I needed a getaway, so we went to Spartanburg for the day two Monday's ago (my parents took us to Monkey Joe's which was fantastic).

Today we went to Monkey Joe's in Gastonia, and they have half price day on Wednesday and I met a couple friends out there. I am also friends with MJ's on facebook where they let me know when they are having events with chances to win a free birthday party there. We had another great time there, and I will hopefully upload pictures soon.

I have a feeling we will be going to Monkey Joe's a good bit during this summer. I am a little nervous about this summer because it will be the first time I have not had a gym membership since I had Jackson, and I really do not want to get one for the summer. If you stay at home, what are some fun, inexpensive things you do with your babies during the summer (the first thing out of Jackson's mouth every morning is...where are we going today mommy?....)?

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