Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: The Kids' Favorite Book Right Now Is...

One Duck Stuck (Root)

Just thought I would share that with yall. This was one of Jackson's Preschool books of the month he did in speech and one that is definitely worth buying. Abigail is loving this book, and we are reading it every day before her nap.

What is your Preschooler's favorite book right now?

Also, this week is the Letter "S" in Preschool and we are working with him writing the letter S and the theme is Dr. Seuss. I heart Preschool.

For the Month of March:
Next week is Circus week
Week of March 13th they will work on the Letter G
Week of March 20th is the Letter U (Outer Space Theme)
Week of March 27th is the Letter K (Weather Theme)

Jackson is in a 3k Preschool Class two days a week, and next year he will go four days a week to a 4K Class. Email me if you would like to know what Preschool he goes to (emilywallace80@hotmail.com). I really have been pleased with all they have taught him and it is VERY affordable (it also helps that his best bud is in his class)! Abigail will not go next year. I am not going to put her in one until she is in a 3k class.

Please also keep us in your prayers. Saturday night a TV feel on Jackson (somehow he only got a cut on his knee). Monday night a class bowl broke on me and I have a cut on my thumb, and then tonight a class bowl broke on Abigail (she is fine). This is a new type of demonic attack that we are experiencing. However, any suffering we have for His name sake, is so worth it. Living for eternity, is so worth it. Jesus is so worth it.

David Baptist Church will be voting March 13th on going to two Sunday Schools and two services. Every since the expansion committee has met we have gone through spiritual warfare for sure. David Baptist church has never gone to two worship services (and Sunday school hours) in the entire 70 years of its existence, so this is pretty major. Click here to see Charlie's great post on why 2 services on his blog. Thank you for praying. and just continue to pray that our family and our church will be all about Jesus and reaching/discipling people for Him!

This week marks our one year anniversary at David Baptist. We are loving it here, and love the people so much!

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