Friday, April 29, 2011

"It's a Cinderalla Story---She Met her Prince"

I have been very excited about the wedding of the century for many reasons:
  • I feel like I have grown up with William. He is around my age, and met his princess early in college, just like I when I met Charlie. Charlie and I have been together for ten years just like William and Kate, so I can relate somewhat.
  • My favorite TV show is "Say Yes to the Dress." No, I am not into fashion and do not buy many clothes or shoes, but for some reason I love to see every wedding dress out there. I like to know what type it is, cost, etc.
  • Every little girl imagines being the ultimate princess one day, and to actually see it happen is really remarkable and so beautiful.
  • So last week, in my excitement about the wedding, I threw together a "Prince/Princess" playdate at my house. It was so awesome!
  • The Bible speaks a lot about His church being the bride of Christ. Every girl pictures herself walking to their Father, their Savior and their Prince perfectly dressed in white. When Kate walked up there and William told her she looked beautiful, and I could read his lips it was one of the best TV moments ever! He is not some snooty prince who will not say what is on his mind. Later, I read her lips and she told William she was so happy. Her dress was beautiful. I love that she can look so modern and fashionable without showing too much skin. Everything about the wedding was so beautiful!
  • Lastly, this wedding today gives me so much to look forward to one day being in a perfect heaven with perfect music, etc, and being complete in Jesus. Yes, it was a glorious joyful wedding and I am so glad I got to share it with some people I love up here in Kings Mountain.

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