Saturday, April 02, 2011

Pray for our Open House: This Sunday: April 3rd, 2-5 pm

We are having an open house this Sunday, so if you could pray for the perfect buyer to come, throughout the day tomorrow...that would be fantastic! Our Realtor also put an ad in the paper about this open house.

Here is the update on our house:
  • We lowered the price again in the middle of March (basically in the Columbia market you are having to price a house for sale less than you bought it for...sad).
  • I have had lots of friends help me out through facebook, and 20 people like our house through this site:
  • I have had one contact through facebook who might be interested in renting it in October. We will have to rent it out in the Fall if no one buys it (our house will have gone through two Springs, and two Summers without selling). We are having faith that it WILL sell before then!
  • I put our house on craiglists last night with the date of this open house.
Please pray that at least one person will come to this open house. Thank you so much!

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