Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Timed Running 5k!

God was smiling on us yesterday morning. It was 60 something degrees in July and I actually had cold chills before we started. We had a chip tied on our shoelaces to record our time.

Right when it started, I dropped my timer and tried to get it, but could not so probably lost 30 seconds or so trying to get it. Also, the ipod touch was pretty heavy in my pocket. The first mile uphill was pretty rough, my legs felt like they weighed 100 pounds each (definitely did not prepare for hills). I ran pretty slow, but only stopped running twice and for only 10 or 20 seconds each.

I clocked in at 36 minutes and Rachel 33 minutes. God gets all the glory! I have come a long way from being sore after walking 1 mile, and 3.1 miles taking me 45 minutes.

Pray for my babies health. The last 24 hours have been a roller-coaster ride. One of my best friend's baby (who I kept at my house last week), was hospitalized last night and had emergency surgery for an infection in his knee. Then, yesterday Jackson ran a fever in the afternoon, and this morning I woke up to him in our bed sleeping then crying non-stop saying his throat and legs hurt. So, off we went to our doctors at 10 am and went ahead and took Abigail in too because she did not look too good, and they both tested positive for strep throat. Ever since we have been in full time ministry major bad events have happened for us on the week of VBS. The first VBS in full time ministry we had a fire in Jackson's room, then every year after it, one of us has been sick. Tonight, is the first night of our VBS.

VBS is my favorite week of the summer, and one of my kids favorite weeks too (I mean who could not love all the songs!). I am thankful that they are on strong antibiotics now, and should be ok to make it to day 2 of VBS tomorrow night. At least they cannot get an infection during the week since they are on antibiotics. Please keep my family and friends in your prayers this week! Thank you!

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Sharon said...

Congrats Emily! Way to go on your first 5k!!! Saying a prayer for the health of your kids during this week. Keep up the good guys must be doing something right or Satan wouldn't be attacking!