Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday's Tip: Charlotte Observer Paper for $1

  • The Charlotte Observer special where you can get only the Sunday paper for $1/week. Just signed up and wanted you to know that you can actually get 6 months or a full year rather than just 13 weeks. Also, if you're a really serious couponer, you can order multiple copies. (ex: $2/week for 2 Sunday papers)
  • Also, I know has not had much participation in Shelby, but Smoke on the Square is actually participating now. This website cycles through with their specials (50% off up through 80% off) fairly quickly, but I thought I'd share that today is the last day of the 80% off until it cycles through again.
I shared some money saving ideas and how to coupon at our Shelby Moms Club meeting this week (we have a meeting once a month), and one of our members did even more research for us and above is part of her email. This is a fantastic deal on the paper!

I am taking over the duties of president of the Shelby Moms Club and if you are a stay at home mom in the Shelby Kings / Mountain area, we would love for you to join us. I am excited about how much we have encouraged each other this summer, and excited about reaching more stay at home moms (email me if you want more

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