Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Top Three Things I Enjoy About Running

  1. Strengthens my relationship with Jesus. I listen to the Bible through the Bible Experience the first 15 to 25 minutes of running. I have been able to listen to Genesis, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, Psalms (5 hours listening), Matthew, Acts, 1 Kings and now I am onto 2 Kings. I like to do an Old Testament book then a New Testament book. If you are A.D.D at all now that you have kids I would strongly enjoy listening to the Bible daily.
  2. Strengthens me living to worship. I am carrying around Charlie's iPod touch, and I want all great worship songs on my iPod (even if that mean going to the back room at 11 pm with spiders and Megan (my HELPER and one of my best friends this summer) to get them). Shane and Shane "Pages" cd is awesome and one of my new favorites is How He Loves us (David Crowder Band). I could be the crazy person you see at the Y praising Jesus while running and raising her hands...
  3. There is a goal. Many times when I have exercised in the past, I have felt like it is a huge waste of time. When running 3.1 miles, you are always trying to get a better time, and to do better. I think one time I ran it in 34 minutes but it was almost 35 minutes and no hills. Also, I am multi tasking when I run and listen to my Bible as well. Many times, I will come home and re-read passages that blew my mind or journal about it.
How I Run:
  • I run without stopping for 1 mile on the treadmill then I take anywhere from a 30 second to 1 minute break and walk at 3.9. I usually do not have trouble running one mile straight. We joined the Kings Mountain YMCA just for the summer since they have an outdoor pool and childcare and have really made great friendships there.
  • If I am really struggling, I drink a sip of water every 5 minutes while still running. I also will really turn up my favorite song if I am really struggling.
  • Sometimes I do stop again after I have hit 1.5 miles, but do everything in my power not to stop until whatever praise song I am listening to is over.
  • Mile 2 to 3 is usually the hardest, this is when I am praising Jesus big time. I usually think thoughts like no one things you can do this...Holy Spirit will enable you! I use to look at the pain on runners faces and say I will never do that. Well, never say never. Every time I say I will never do something God has me doing it within a year. Jesus is so awesome.
Let me know if you have any tips on running!

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