Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jackson says Good Morning!


Leah said...

How fun! I love the video clips and montages that you can do at the onetruemedia website. Jackson is getting so big--I love his teeth! Georgia likes strings as well...she recently was sitting in my lap and grabbed the strings to my drawstring pants. Thankfully we were home alone, or it would have been quite embarrassing when I stood up and my pants fell!

Emily Wallace said...

Oh yeah, I totally copied you. I am so glad you found onetruemedia...I cannot believe it is free. I might post another video soon!

Laura Brammer said...

I cannot believe how much he has grown! He is absolutely adorable!!! Jackson is such a little man now and I love the tooth- How proud are you? ..... It makes me think of all I have to look forward to. I love you all