Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buying an Outdoor Swing Set---Please Give me Your Recommendations

I really want an outdoor swing set. Jackson has so much energy and he loves to be outside. It is a good investment for where we live since we can go outside and play from March till really the beginning of November. I spent much of last Friday really doing research on them. I looked at Kmart first and they had some toddler ones but many of them had bad reviews. Then I got to thinking that I do not want to spend $100 to $200 on a toddler one that he can grow out of in a year. So I went to Walmart's website next, and I was very surprised at how many good ones they had. They had a great wooden swing set. They all had good reviews the only catch is that we would need to assemble it which I think is possible with our brother in law's help who is an engineer. I called Lowes and they said for a playset and for them to assemble it would be $2,000. Crazy! I know you can buy a kit there and spend less, but that is really confusing to us.

So here in my conclusion for our outdoor swing set purchase:

  • We are probably going to get a swing set that does not have monkey bars because our backyard is small and Jackson will probably not even enjoy monkey bars till around 8 years old and we could always add on.
  • The picture above is of the swing set we want to get. It is on sale $379.99 until Saturday at Toys R US. You can open up a Toys R US credit card and pay zero interest either 3 to 6 months (she was not sure over the phone today) and get an additional 10% off the purchase for opening up the card. This swing set is not in stock at the Harbison Toys R US, but the can order it for us for free as long as we pay 20 percent of it or put it on their credit card.
  • I think we will purchase it on Thursday. I was going to get this exact swing set at Walmart but it was $399 but they did not sell it in their stores so it would have been an additional $150 to ship. I am glad I shopped around!
  • I am going to give Charlie an entire month to put it up with help from friends. They said online it was a two person job and a 20 hour job. That is a lot, but $1,000 for someone else to install it, is crazy!
  • Is there anywhere else you would recommend researching? Do you think I can find a better deal somewhere else?
  • What is your experience with buying a swing set and what you recommend? I really would love to her from yall!

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Anonymous said...

We have one similar to the one pictured and did that same deal at Toy R Us last year. It took awhile to assemble with just my husband and father in law working. My girls were 2.5 last spring when we bought it and they love it. We have picnics all the time on the little bench. Hope that helps. Worth it down here in all our nice weather. Sarah Paynter (a friend of betsy)