Thursday, September 10, 2009

Great Post on How to Make Your Own Baby Food / Update on Jackson

Go here to see an excellent post on how to make your own baby food by Money Saving Mom. I totally agree with her and think that baby food is way overpriced. Lately, Abigail has been eating a lot of people food. She wants to eat whatever her brother is eating, so the other day she had cheerios, cereal bar, cracker, grill cheese, etc. Since she swallows so much paper, I thought I might as well teach her how to eat real food. She is now 19.3 pounds! She still eats two jars of veggies and fruit.

I really meant to post yesterday, but this has probably one of the busy week I will have all year. Jackson's birthday is Saturday and we are throwing a small party here at the house (I started off by just asking 3 friends since he will be 3 years old, but of course it got bigger). Also, we are having a million transitioning meetings with the school, and I am trying to get all my stuff ready for the tot trade which is very time consuming (there are many rules!)

The school psychologist called yesterday and said that Jackson does not qualify for the school at all. He is where he is suppose to be, and he is not even close to qualifying for the school. All the glory goes to God! It is a miracle where he is right now. He is singing, and telling me what he did when he goes to Puggles, Sunday School, etc. He will say, "Fun Puggles, coloring, play with toys, singing." I am very emotional this week just thinking how far Jackson has come in 2 months. Even in May and most of June, he was not saying a whole lot. We did see some immediate results right after his surgery in March such as him saying "yellow," which he had never said before, but then he seemed to regress some in May and June.

It is unbelievable where he is now, I probably cannot count how many words he says a day. He speaks in phrases all day long. He can sing his Abc's by himself now as well as God our Father song, count to twenty, can say all his colors, and shapes. God is good all the times, all the time God is good. He will still go to speech therapy once a week at Oak Grove with two other kids his age for one hour. His tongue is still 40 percent weak and I will continue to do oral motor exercises on him. God was so gracious to send us the best speech therapist ever, and we are going to miss her so much.

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