Monday, September 21, 2009

Jackson's 3 Year Old Stats

Weight: 30 lbs 4 ozs (36%)
Height: 36 1/2 inches (27%)

I knew Jackson looked skinny to me but I could not believe that he has lost 2-3 pounds since the Spring. I remember him being almost 33 pounds after his frenulum surgery.

  • Jackson needs to gain some weight!
  • He eats great for breakfast and lunch, but then hardly eats any dinner and does not care. He is also now playing two hours of soccer every week.
  • Jackson needs to drink milk!
  • Keep buying milk and chocolate milk and pray he drinks it. He has gone an entire day without drinking but sips of milk, just so he does not have to drink it.
  • The doctor recommended Carnation Good Start for weight gain. If he refuses to drink milk, not sure how he is going to eat this.
  • If he does not eat dinner at 6 pm strap him back down at 8 pm to eat dinner.
  • Pray in Jesus name that he starts to eat more food and that he starts to like milk. Pray this request desiring God to get all the glory, and so Jackson will glorify Him. I am also praying that if Jackson's Miralax dosage is too much, that we would know (sometimes I think him taking miralax everyday is hindering his weight gain).
Do you have any more solutions?

Overall, the doctor's visit went well, we were just a little shocked about his weight. He did not receive any shots, and they did try to get an eye examine (unsuccessful) and they took his blood pressure....ha!

He should have 1,000 words by age three, and he has a couple hundred, but we knew that. We are working on drawing circles and straight lines, as well as copying me when I build a block tower. We have some new goals since he was evaluated by the school. Since he is only in a 2 year old class, he is not going to Preschool anywhere this year, he will just be going to Oak Grove 1 hour a week for speech with two other little girls. Last week was his first week at Oak Grove and it went well, but he did cry for the first 15 minutes. More on what I am doing at home this year since we are not sending him to school later. Hopefully, I will post that on Thursday of this week.


Mommy Reg said...

Emily, I haven't commented in soooo long. I am horrible at comments lately. But first thought with the milk, he might be lactose intolerant or have a milk protein allergy. If that is the case, he might know that drinking milk makes him not feel well. (I remember he has had serious bowel type issues right?) I experienced this with my oldest daughter. We give her almond milk instead. I'll try to come back and comment more on how to add lbs to a little one. I had to do that with my oldest daughter and know how hard it is to do.

alyssa said...

Jayne Mac didn't like milk for a long time, but the doctor said that was okay as long as she was getting calcium from some source. She would drink OJ, eat cheese grits(and I would make them with milk),and ate lots and lots of yogurt and cheese. One day though she just decided that she liked milk and has been drinking it ever since. Not really sure about how to gain weight...fortunately my kids have never had to deal with that. But we will be praying that Jackson puts on some more lbs! Maybe he should hang out with Asher and watch how much he eats and learn by example...Ha!

lynxymama said...

hey! i found your blog when i was googling "speech delay" as my 3 year old also had a speech delay! like jackson, he is catching up. i have prayed and prayed, like you, for my babe and it gets better everyday!

my guy also does not like milk so i thought i would finally comment and stop lurking. what has worked for us is stoneyfield farm yogurts! the baby yogurt is made with whole milk so it will fatten him up quickly, if he likes yogurt. truman also likes to eat cottage cheese.


alyssa said...

I was thinking about you today and trying to think of ways to help poor Jackson. I was also thinking that too much dairy can cause constipation...that seems to be an issue for the poor guy, so maybe too much dairy is bad for him anyway. Along those lines, I was wondering of you ever use ground flaxseed. It is a great source of fiber, among other things, and you can sprinkle it in anything. I put it in the kids cereal, yogurt, things I bake like muffins, etc. I even put it in spaghetti sauce. It doesn't really have taste so they don't know it's in there. This morning for breakfast Asher had Stoneyfield yogurt with flaxseed and honey...he loved it!
Anyway, I figured I would share my thoughts with you. Hope you are able to work out all the kinks!

Emily Wallace said...

Mommy Reg-
Thank you so much for your comment. I was lactose intolerant and I do think Jackson is as well. Thank you for the almond milk, we will have to try it! Great to hear from you.

Thank you for your comments. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes, my friends have problems with their babies and all I can think about all day long is solutions to those problems. I will definitely need to try some ground flax seed. Thanks for letting me know about it. He has eaten really well the last couple days. I just need to weigh him more often. I just wish he had my appetite. Ha!

So glad you found my site! I hope to be posting what I am working on with Jackson as far as speech soon. If you have a speech delay child, I have found that I have to be a speech therapist now which can be tricky since I did not go to school for speech therapy! God has taught me so much on how to teach Preschoolers. I felt completely clueless on how to teach Preschoolers, but now having so many therapists in Jackson life, they have taught me so much on how to teach Preschool age children which has been such a blessing.

I want to try that brand of yogurt. Especially, in the morning when he will eat anything. Love to hear how your little man is doing and what has worked for him as far as getting him to speak. I am always trying to learn more ways on how to increase Jackson's vocabulary.

Lauren Vicars said...

Hi Emily!! Another possible thought on getting Jackson to drink milk, as well as put on weight...smoothies! You can make them with milk, whole-milk yougurt, and fruits (banana, berries, etc). It could be his "dessert" once he eats his dinner! I had to make quite a few of these for my brother when he was at The Citadel and knocked his teeth out...he couldn't eat solid foods for a week or so, but needed the nutrients. You can put just about anything in them, and stick them in the blender. Good luck with that adorable little man!!