Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Jackson's First Soccer Practice!

Yes I know this picture is blury, and I am not sure why. I have a Sony Cyber Shots. If you could tell me what I did wrong I would love to understand why my pictures turn out blurry sometimes. Oh how I long for a professional camera...

Last night was Jackson's first ever sports practice. Jackson has always loved balls. When he was 9 months old he would throw a ball against the wall and try to catch it. He can throw a small spiral with a football, and will play any sport that has a ball for hours. So, I was talking to Jackson's speech therapist about how he might not qualify for the Preschool now at Oak Grove since he has made so much progress and she said I should enroll him in soccer to get all his energy out. Last year, for his two year old birthday he got a soccer goal and has been kicking it a goal from whenever he could run which I think was about 14 months old.

So, we signed him up way late, and Charlie checks that he would like to be an assistant coach (there is a discount involved). The nice S.O.A.R representative called us when she got Jackson's application and really needed Charlie to be the head coach. You know Charlie could not say no, and he was excited.

We get out to the field last night and Jackson was so excited he could barely contain himself. He did not fuss when he had to wear shin guards, he was too excited to fuss. In fact, I do not think I have ever seen him so elated over something. He did really great the first half of practice and copied what the other kids were doing, but then when it was time to play a real game, he was not interested in taking the ball from the other kid. We teach him over and over again not to take things from other kids, so it might take a while for him to understand that the point of the game is to take the ball from the other team. However, I do not think many three year olds take the ball from the other team, so next practice I will just say to run, run, run, and wait till it is our team's turn to say to go get the ball.

He was not interested in taking the ball from the other team, or waiting his turn, so he went and got his own ball to kick and then rolled down a hill in the mud, while I was changing Abigail's dirty diaper in the car. I definitely could have used some help with Abigail since the parents are really suppose to be out there when their child does not understand something. It is a good thing that at this age there is no goalie and no officials. I guess they do not take score either but I am sure Charlie will know the scores of the games.

Overall, he had the best time of his life, and that is all that really matters at this age. He kept saying," no hands." And all today all he can talk about is how much fun he had at soccer. He keeps saying, "fun soccer, I kicked ball, no hands, daddy the coach, one ball."

Charlie and Drew T did a great job and all the kids had a blast. His first game is on his third birthday. I am sure I will have some stories.


Anonymous said...

What is the exact camera model? Check the lens for fingerprints and wipe any off with a *clean* cotton t-shirt. Microfiber is better because it won't leave fibers behind. Make sure you're shooting auto. Also, are you taking the camera straight from indoors to outdoors? If so, you might be experiencing condensation on the lens.

There are point and shoot cameras capable of excellent pictures without having to buy a digital SLR. I like the Canon PowerShot G11 or G10 and the PowerShot SX20 and SX10.

Don't be fooled by megapixel ratings, they are all but worthless. You need a quality lens. I shoot with a PowerShot S3 IS. It's only 6 mega pixels and easily outperforms compact cameras of 2x the megapixels. You only need a high pixel count for large pictures.

Here are some excellent resources if you want to do some reading:





Emily Wallace said...

It is a cybershot 7.2 Megapixel.

Thanks for all the information! It is so helpful! Love to hear how I can take better pictures.

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