Thursday, May 06, 2010


Charlie had a hida scan last Thursday and we found out last Friday that he does have a dis-functional galbladder (the doctor who read the reports said chronic which means has probably never worked very well). This explains the intense stomach pains he has had and why he has been sick to his stomach so many times (a few times where probably him passing gallstones).

We are so thankful that we have answers. I got all teary eyed in the doctor's office telling the doctor how thankful I was for him. Charlie has not been having the pains for too long and this could have taken a long time to figure out. I am so glad he did both the ultrasound and the hida scan. God is so good! It is not a big deal and we think he will have his gallbladder taken by the end of this month by Dr. Singh in either Gastonia or Shelby.

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