Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our New Schedule here in Kings Mountain, NC (Advice Wanted)

Our main new problem here is that Jackson loves to nap, but it is looking like he does not need a nap anymore because he will not fall asleep till like 11 or even 12 at night if he has a nap during the day. He stays in his room just makes a lot of noise till way late at night.

Here is our definite with our schedule

From 2-4 pm is nap/rest time. No matter what, I try my best to have them both resting in their room during this time. It is fine if Jackson does not sleep but he has to stay in his room (we have a hard safety thing on the inside of his door knob so he cannot get out).

Monday: Car and block day. I play cars and blocks with my babies and they work on copying me
Tuesday: Bubble Day
Wednesday: Puzzle Day
Thursday: Animal Day
Friday: Art Day
Saturday: Ball Day
Sunday: Worship Day

Some good ideas I got from Heaven at Home

Blanket time with toys
Hair Chair time with coloring books
Computer time
Reading and prayer time...teaching toddlers to say, "thank you God for . . ."
Video time (not for too long)
Outside time (most recommend 1 hour a day outside)
"Sit time" with a timer teaching your little ones not to speak for short amounts of time with a book or crayons
"Chore time"--making up their bed, cleaning up toys, empty trash
Room time with toys

A Sample Summer Schedule Plowman posted for school age children


Make bed

Dress/ brush teeth


Devotion and memory verse

Play outside at least one hour

Reading time---30 minutes

Either clean house or play a game with sibling

Room time---1 hour

Jackson is staring to make up his bed in the morning and we are starting off with devotions after breakfast now. We usually go through Day by Day: The One Year Devotion for Young Children (Free), and we talk about the Sunday School sheet (if we just had Sunday School we talk about last weeks lesson... if it if close to the next Sunday we read over the lesson that is coming up).

Love to hear your schedule or what your little ones do at Preschool. I always love hearing great ways to plan out our days here better.


Shannon Bradley said...

Just saw this post...I desperately need some sort of schedule for us during the day, so we aren't roaming around the house aimless!! :) I like the one you listed from Plowman...I saw someone else mentions Heaven at Home and I might just have to buy it! I hope yall are settling in well...I am sorry I never got back to you on the email stuff!! I totally forgot! :) Let me know if yall need anything :)

Kim said...


I just ran across your blog and am enjoying it so far! I have a 4-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter so I understand how challenging schedules can be! I'm actually homeschooling (well as much as you can with a 4 year old!) and we do similar type schedules. A lot of our time is focused around playtime, which really helps kids this age use their brains and develop thinking skills (rather than load them up with facts!)

Our day is more about routine - breakfast, Bible story and memory verse, "school time" which equals to reading several books maybe tied to a theme or just books my kids like, outside time or playgroup time, lunch, naps (my 4-year-old wakes up early so he still needs a nap by 1 pm), snack after nap, playtime either inside or outside depending on weather, a DVD for about 30 min. before dinner, dinnertime, playtime with Daddy or outside, get ready for bed

I also have a list of fun monthly themes you can do with your kids that include activities, books to check out from the library, etc. and I can email that to you if you'd like.

Great blog and cute kids!