Friday, May 28, 2010

Gallbladder Surgery Went Beautifully!

Dr. Singh's words to me on the phone that Charlie did beautifully.

  • The gallbladder was inflamed, so we are so glad it is out!
  • We will know in a week or so if he had stones in it (the send it to a lab), but that does not really matter since it was inflamed it neeeded to be out.
  • Charlie was really nausea for the first couple of hours after surgery, but then he did not get nauseous till Saturday (after his nausea patch was off).
  • Gaston Memorial Hospital was incredible, and I had my own waiting area with a phone and Jere L and Jere S. from the church came and sat with me during different times.
  • He says he now starting to know what a normal stomach feels like! He has never had an easy time with his stomach.
  • It has been a little crazy here, but Charlie has been a great patient and has not complained. I am so thankful for God giving Charlie has my husband, and for all the many things he does around here that I take for granted! He will not be able to pick up the babies for two weeks.
  • People from the church have brought us food over every night, our refigerator is over flowing, and our neighbor has come over to play golf with Jackson (on the Wii we just go for an incredible price).
  • Thanks so much for your prayers, God gets all the glory!
  • Saturday (day three after surgery) was his hardest just because he was so nauseous with his digestive track getting back to normal. Surprisingly, his pain level has not been bad at all!
  • He preached on Sunday morning and did great. We got there real late, and he has only had Tylenol and Ibuprofen today. His nausea is gone and we are so thankful! He goes back to the doctor Thursday, I guess they will take out his staples then. The kids are fascinated with Charlie's boo boos.
  • Click here to see a video he took after surgery (you might can tell he is on medicine...ha!)
  • Let me know if you have any advice on what to do after gallbladder surgery!

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