Thursday, October 28, 2010

Toy Story Mania at Our House

It all started last summer when Toy Story 3 (the movie) came out and we got passes to go. That was Jackson's first taste of Toy Story, and his first ever movie, and of course he loved it! Then, we went and played with David at his house and he had a talking Woody and Buzz doll. Well, I knew then what we were going to get Jackson for his birthday! He played with all David's Toy Story toys for a long time.

We got him the talking Woody doll for his birthday and my parents got him a small talking Buzz. Then, Mimi and Pop Pop got him Toy Story 1 and 2 on dvd for his birthday. He loved watching the movies! The day after his birthday is when we got rid of his pacifier and he got really attached to Woody, and wanted to bring him everywhere and I let him because he chewed on him after getting rid of his pacifier.

Preschool has really helped with his imaginative play, and now he would much rather play with his Toy Story toys than watch TV (still would not recommend sending your baby to Preschool till they are in a 3 year old class). He puts Buzz in positions where he is rescuing Woody all the time. He tells me every day that for Christmas he is going to get a talking big Buzz and Abigail is going to get a Jessie the cowgirl doll.

So, guess what Jackson is going to be for Halloween? Yes, you guessed it, Woody. I found a great Woody costume at Walmart for a great price. He got to dress up like Woody to go to the nursing home with the Moms Club, and today for Preschool (they had a Halloween party), and tomorrow for parade at Kings Mountain for little ones. Jackson is loving living here in Kings Mountain, and we are so thankful!

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