Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Breakthrough with Training Jackson

*Above picture is taken at a fun "Cat in the Hat" birthday party we went to on Saturday.

Recently, I feel like I have had a breakthrough with Jackson, all thanks to Mrs. Duggar.

Have you ever watched 19 Kids and Counting? Your answer is probably "yes." BUT, have you ever seen Michelle Duggar sin? (She obviously does) Your answer might be surprisingly, "no." We are all sinners, but I tell you what, Michelle Duggar is unbelievable and she could only be how she is because of the power of Jesus in her life.

On a recent episode, she was having to deal with a fight that happened with the little ones. She made three of her preschoolers tell to her what they should have done (not take the ice cream, etc), and then she made them repeat ten times to her while looking her in the eye whatever they should have said in the situation. This all happened while they were sitting on chairs. With the youngest one, I think it was as simple as telling the child telling her "yes ma'am" ten times. Duggar would then praise the children for doing whatever it was they were asked to do. She says she concentrates on training them in all situations.

So, the last week or so Jackson had the flu for the first time since we took his paci away last year (yes, we had the flu shot). Needless to say he whined a lot and threw things when he was sick and mad with no paci to calm this time around. So, when he did that, I took him in the kitchen and said "you need to say 10 times 'I will not throw things.'" It really got to the heart of the issue and then I would instruct him with what he should have done---he should have told mommy in a calm, self-controlled voice what was wrong. I do believe in using the rod, but when my baby boy had the flu, and even now, I am really concentrating on training him on what to do in certain situations (as well as giving him time outs on his bed for four minutes when he is whining).

Also, at the end of the day, Duggar tries to praise her children in front of everyone about what they did well that day. I have been really trying to do that and so today when Charlie came home I told him that Abigail did a great job eating her Toy Story vitamin, and that Jackson did a great job when he drew a perfect H on his chalkboard during our "school" time today (we got the chalkboard from Handwriting without Tears). Jackson's "love language" is definitely words of affirmation. He gets that from his father ;-)

Just thought I would share this because I knew it would be helpful in training your Preschooler. Also the book of the month for Preschoolers for February is Over the Meadow, and March's book is The Little Engine That Could. Great books to check out at the library I am sure. I hope to get them soon.

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