Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wednesday's Weight Watchers: I Have Lost 13.6 Pounds Now

It has been slow going (I joined WeightWatchers in October of last year), but having a friend go with me every week has made all the difference in the world. I have lost five percent of my body weight and three pounds away from 10 percent of my body weight. I have never done Weight Watchers during November and December (Thanksgiving and Christmas), but I am so glad I did this year because I did not gain weight during those holidays.

It would be losing weight quicker if I was going to work out classes that I love, but I have not been doing that. A friend recently told me about Shapes by Jodi in Kings Mountain that I will hopefully check out soon. In Columbia, I had one of the best workout teachers ever Lisa and I loved taking Body Step and Body Combat with her.

The key for me with Weight Watchers is planning out what I will eat the day before I eat it. Additionally writing everything down is key and I got a new cute cover for my 3 month journal.

I do need to increase my veggie intake, but I am really enjoying eating all the fresh fruit I like for 0 points.

Yesterday I ate:

Fiber One Bar 4 points

Banana 0 points

Weight Watchers Smart One Meal 7 points
Weight Watchers Brownie will lite cool whip 4 points

Grapes 0 points
Fiber One Yogurt 1 point

Dry Cereal 4 points

Weight Watchers Cheeseburger 5 points
Cookies 4 points

(usually I try to eat veggies at night for supper).

Total points-29 points not going over my points and most people's point value for a day which is 29 points and you get 49 extra points for a week to use (you also can earn points by working out).

Praying I can figure out a good goal weight for me so I can FINALLY become a lifetime member of Weight Watchers.

What type of exercising to you do and enjoy?


Anonymous said...

hi, my name is patty, and amazingly enough i came across your blog on accident. i was looking up the new WW Points Plus program and one of your posts popped up as a reference. i enjoyed your blog and was wondering if you know how i can purchase a new points plus calculator? i have one of the old ones, and would like one for the Points Plus. i lost 31 lbs doing WW last year and would now like to lose another 10 using the plus program. i cannot afford to join WW, which is why i'd like to purchase one of the new calculators. i'm so excited to read that you are a Christian...i am too....where would we be without our Savior! Congrats on your weight loss and best wishes!


Emily Wallace said...

Patty, great to hear from you!

I think the only place you can get a calculator is at Weight Watchers meetings. Some sites let you buy calculator without being a member, but others do not. I will tell you it is worth the money learning the new system for sure (only $13 a week here and do not have to pay for missed meetings right now).

Let me know if you have any more questions and thanks for your encouraging!

Emily Wallace said...