Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update on Our House

  1. I talked to a friend last week, and got professional pictures taken of the house for only $40. They are now online at all the Realtor websites! Don't they look great?
  2. I have heard of multiple stories in the last week of once a person gets pictures up online, their house sells. I really believe that this is God talking through them to me!
  3. We had open house last Sunday and some neighbors came by, and one girl is interested in buying it but her work is across town (30 minutes).
  4. Anyone I talk to, I ask them to pray for our house to sell, and now it is on the Community Bible Study leadership prayer list. So lots of people are praying our house will sell.
  5. We are having an open house again this Sunday and a sign about the open house has been in the yard all week. Additionally, now 15 pictures are up and running online so we are VERY hopeful.
  1. That someone will buy our house soon in Jesus' powerful name!
  2. That I will have patience, and glorify God through this.
  3. That the other house in the neighborhood for sale will not hinder our house selling.
Thank you so much for praying!
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