Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jackson's First Time Giving out Valentines

Jackson was so excited to exchange Valentines at his Preschool last Thursday. Since this was his first time doing so, mommy went a little overboard. Charlie was able to go to this Ollies Bookstore in Gastonia and get Toy Story Valentine's cards for .50 with a pencil (for 12 of them!). So I also got little wallet pictures of Jackson ordered from Kodak galleries and put on the back of the picture that "Jackson Wallace is thankful for you." Lastly, in the envelope I put a lolly pop (that we already had), and a piece of heart shaped chocolate. All and all, it did not cost a lot and I know it meant a lot to his friends and to Jackson.

I was overwhelmed last week with thankfulness to God for putting us here in Kings Mountain now. Whenever you move, you definitely are concerned more with your children, than yourself. I was concerned that Jackson would not have close friends for a while when we moved and prayed about it a lot. God answered my prayers greater than I could ever hope for. He has so many boys that are his close friends, and his best friend goes to church with him and Preschool. We are all really loving living here in Kings Mountain, and are so thankful for the close friends God has put in our lives here.

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