Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today was a Big Day for Me---Lost 10% of My Body Weight!

First let's rewind to last November, yes you read correctly, last November.

Get on the scales and realize I am 16 pounds overweight. Is it because I am not working out anymore? Is it because Charlie had his gallbladder out last summer? Well, those could be influences on me, but I am the determinate. No one put a gun to my head and made me overeat....

Back to last November. I have a conversation with my friend and she says she has always wanted to do Weight Watchers. I thought to myself, "I was just about to quit because of Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, I have NEVER attended meeting during those holidays." But, I had someone to go with me. So we went to the Shelby location with the BEST leader I have ever had. We did not lose weight during the holidays, but we did not gain any either. We were able to lose weight in January and February. And then, last month was the WALK IT challenge. I could barely walk a mile when I fist started and now yesterday I ran 30 minutes and walked 5 minutes for a total of 2.5 Miles!

So back to today. My friend cannot go to the weigh in this morning meaning I am going to have to take the kids with me (her oldest daughter would babysit most Wednesday wonderful is that!). Last time I took the kids with me to a meeting, it was a complete disaster. So, we get there late. I am tense. I could not talk to anyone on the phone or listen to music on the ride there kind of tense.

Lord, I have come so far, let it be today, let me reach this goal that has been harder than any other time I have ever had losing weight. Oh goodness, I am getting teary eyed. Ok, stay calm just step on the scales.

It is a wonderful miracle that the kids are sitting on chairs near the door being great. I tell the lady, I think I might have reached my 10 percent today.

She says "let me see........ long pause.........yes you have lost 2 pounds this week for a total of 16 pounds, that means you have reached your 10 percent today. You did it!"

Oh my goodness, do not cry. So then she kindof interrupts a packed room of ladies, and Marti says Emily I am so proud of you. I could barely talk....having a very emotional day. I said I ran 2.5 miles last night and I think that is what finally got me to loose the 4 pounds I have been trying to loose for the last 2 months. Wow, what a great day!

Some keys:
  • I would not recommend trying to go to WeightWatchers meetings alone.
  • I have really enjoyed listening to the Bible on iTunes through "The Bible Experience." Last week I listened to 1 Samuel, while I ran, and this week I have been listening to 2 Samuel. I LOVE growing in His word and exercising. I do not think I could just run a treadmill with nothing to do.
  • I run (walk some for sure) my first 5k this Saturday at 6pm. Pray that I can do it even if it is way hot!
  • I am going to try to mainly run 3 miles tomorrow night on the treadmill at Shapes by Jodi. Pray that I can do it. I can do fine on a treadmill, but do have trouble running outside.
  • Today I listened to 2 Samuel 22 and it really spoke to me. Overeating, is something I have battled with since I was 2 years old saying "more" banana pudding. "The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my DELIVERER, my rock in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge, my SAVIOR." Praise God!
  • I still have 6 more pounds to lose, before I get to my personal goal weight, and then I have to maintain that weight for six weeks before I am a lifetime member (something I have always wanted to do). But, I am now within my weight range now, and I can decide whatever weight I want to be at...Praise God!
  • Also, pray that the Lord will deliver us from this house in Columbia. Our house is the only house for sale in our neighborhood that is ready for someone to move into now. Someone might be interested in the house, but has not called my Realtor yet. We only have two more months for it to sale before we try to rent it out. I am having faith in Him!


Sharon said...

Congrats Emily! I'm trying to lose my baby weight too...I have a lot more than 16 pounds to go though :) You should be very proud of your accomplishments. I know it's been hard work but it sounds like it's paying off! Keep it up girl!!


Emily Wallace said...

Thank you so much! Glad you linked your blog, I am now following it through google reader. So proud of you for running a 10k! How long did it take you? I think that might have taken me 2!

I think the Lord gives you extra grace within a year of having a baby, and the weight comes off a lot easier. These 16 pounds where not budging for anything it seemed.

Thanks again for the encouragement!