Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: At CVS this Week: Free Bag Tag

"There are two great coupons printing from the in-store coupon center kiosk at CVS right now. You can get a coupon for a free bag tag and $1 off Crystal Light."

"Attach the green bag tag to any reuseable shopping bag. Then everytime you shop in CVS scan the bag tag at checkout and every 4th scan gives you to $1 ECB. Your card will only track one scan per day.

If you get the $1 off Crystal Light coupon:
This is awesome because there are single packs for 50¢ each! This allows you to make 50¢, or get 2 packs for free.

(thanks, whosaidnothinginlifeisfree!)"

from Southern Savers

So, today I went to CVS and got a coupon for a free bag tag. You do not have to use a reusable shopping bag, you just have to scan your bag tag (but you can only scan it one time a day).

Then, I had 1 coupon for a Playtex cup from the newspaper, and another CVS store baby coupon that they mailed me me, so I got Abigail a Princess Playtex cup for $1. You can also "sign up for Playtex Baby e-mail notifications you will receive an e-mail for $2 off any Playtex Infant Product. It is a Bricks link, so you can print it twice and it won’t expire for 90 days.

The e-mail may take up to 24 hours to receive.

This should make small Playtex items free!"

I am back into couponing, hoping this summer to cut my grocery bill in half. Do you have any tips?

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