Monday, December 18, 2006

Pictures from last weekend-Decemeber 15th

Wow! It was a big weekend. The first picture is from our Sunday School Christmas party that we had at our house. This is Brandon Osborne with our first baby Millie Boo. The second picture is of Jake Albright and Lauren Albright. Jake and Jackson are first cousins (this is Charlie's sister). This picture was taken at his 2nd Birthday party that was Saturday afternoon. Then, the rest of the pictures are from Jackson being dedicated at the church on Sunday. It is more a parent's dedication in that we covenant to raise Jackson in a Christian home, and tell him about our wonderful Lord and Savior. Sandi, Larry and Rylie Boo suprised us and got up at 5 am to see Jackson being dedicated. It really meant a lot to us! That night we were Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in the church musical. It was a very busy weekend and I think we wore poor Boo Boo out! I cannot believe it but he is already teething so that is an issue right now. He has 2 white bottom teeth visible. They say they can start teething at 3 months. We are going to get some teething tablets today (we might even try giving him some Tylenol). Hope yall had a great weekend as well!

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