Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dr. Catanzaro Conference

I have not posted this week yet because Boo Boo had to go to the doctor on Monday and has a sinus infection. It was bad and he could not really breath at all on Sunday night---it was scary. Both Charlie and Boo Boo where sick on Sunday so needless to say I had no time for anything but taking care of my men. It is so scary when Boo Boo cannot breath and we were constantly sucking out his nose.

Dr. Cat did a wonderful job teaching Doing Life God's Way through our marriages, children, emotions, and grieving. I learned a lot! It is great to be reminded that the Christian worldview is to die to self and to be dependant on God. When something bad is happening a good question to ask is: Is this problem helping me to die to myself, and be completely dependant on God? The answer has always been for me, yes. My goal in life is not to strengthen myself, but to worship my God. No one can "make" me feel bad. I chose to feel bad. Just like no person is putting a gun to my head and saying you have to overeat. I chose to overeat. I am reminded that during a crises I do not necessarily have to be thankful for my situation but I can be thankful that God know the ends and outs of everything and that he has promised to never leave or forsake me. Daily, am I concentrating on my relationship with the Lord the most, and worshipping Him? He is the only one that can love me perfectly.

I am also teaching a Counselling Women class this Saturday at the church. I Hopefully will have the information posted later this week.

Ps--Boo Boo was not feeling good at all so that is why he does not look too happy in the pictures

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