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Inevitability of suffering-My Intro to Counselling Women Class

Well the first class went real well and here is a little bit of what I shared. Most of my material comes from the counselling women class I took in seminary.

Inevitability of Suffering-Job Chapter 1

I. Suffering will happen to the best of us (vs 1-5)

a. Look at verse one Job was “blameless and upright” repeat and he feared God and shunned evil. Very wealthy and blessed person

b. Burnt offering for his children (vs. 5)

c. Job is a good man he walked with the Lord daily. When storm comes up Job stands. When counsel women where are they?


II. God allowed Satan to Tempt Job- (vs. 6-12)

a. Satan has to get permission to test Job. The Lord rules over Satan and he does no more or no less than the Lord will let him do.

b. What is God up too? He wants to demonstrate his own goodness and glory not just his power but he is a good God worthy of honor and worship.

c. Have to be confident in God’s Sovereignty and God’s goodness or you will not be in counseling long.

d. Either God is Lord of all or not Lord of all there is no middle ground. Facing evil is hard---women have real issues real abuse have to believe that God is both good and in control (why bad things happen to good people). If God is not in control---who is? Are you in control? Is Satan in control? How can Satan be complelty in control over this earth when God created Him.

III. Suffering will happen to the People we love (vs. 13-19)

IV. Job chooses to worship the Lord (vs. 20-22) Read these verses

a. What does Job do vs. 20 he falls on his face and worships the Lord. He morns he falls on his face he is emotionally honest with his loss.

b. Have they stopped worshipping God? One of the most important aspects in true Biblical counseling is worship that glorifies God.

c. Who is she worshipping???? In data gathering when you are listening to her.

d. Everything was given to Job by God and he has a right to take it away he is an all powerful good God. Where is she at? Does she think she deserves everything?

Chapter 2:

Vs. 9

  1. Wife knows that God is in control and able to stop this verse 9. She knows he is all powerful now she believes he is not fair not good.
  2. Will you chose to curse Him or worship Him?

Psalm 139—Oh Lord you have searched me and you know me.

Ephesians 1:11 works all things according to the counsel of his will.

Must memorize Romans 8:28 all things to conform her to the image of Christ not temporary happiness but eternal joy. Might not include everything going right. Oh to know him and to live inside this massive promise. Homework bring card.

Counseling is like surgery we do not want to do plastic surgery we are concerned with the heart. Counseling is concerned with the heart change. From the overflow of the heart comes her actions.

Reasons why women need counseling

  1. To offer her hope. To show her that Christ is working. For her to be confident that God is sovereign and up to something good no matter what (to get her excited about God being at work)
  2. Women need to see their life from a God centered perspective not a “me” centered. Piper quote “Do you feel more loved by God when God makes much of you or when God at the cost of His Son allows you to enjoy making much of him forever?
  3. Before the face of God. We need to see our lives lived out before the face of God ---there is no God free zones for his mercy and Grace
  4. Close the gap between Bible land and everyday land. Live out theology
  5. Enemy is within- the biggest enemy is ourselves not our husband---it is our own heart!

Two Worldviews:

  1. Strengthen self, become independent
  2. Deny yourself, become dependant on God and his Word

We were not created to worship ourselves

What is the ultimate goal of Biblical Counseling? Progressive Santification!!!! Not solving all your problems.

First Step Accepting Christ:

The Lord Jesus invites all who are weary and heavy with life’s burden to receive his rest (Matt. 11:28) The Bible declares that for those in Christ there is no judgment. The Bible declares that the sting of death is gone for those who are in Christ. Your fears are banished. Your frustration quieted. God has promised to never leave you. Right where you are now, give your heart and life to Jesus Christ. Say “Yes” to Christ. With every head bowed and every eye closed, pray:

Heavenly Father
I come to you in prayer asking for the forgiveness of
my Sins. I confess with my mouth and believe with my
heart that Jesus is your Son, And that he died on the
Cross at Calvary that I might be forgiven and have
Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Heaven. Father, I believe
that Jesus rose from the dead and I ask you right now
to come in to my life and be my personal Lord and
Savior. I turn from my sins and turn to you. I will Worship you all the
day's of my Life! Because your word is truth, I confess
with my mouth that I have I have been saved from sin and death! In Jesus Name, Amen

Books recommended:

  1. Tripp, David Paul. (2002). Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands. Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company
  2. MacArthur, John F., & Mack Wayne, A. (1994). Introduction To Biblical Counseling, Dallas: Word Publishing.
  3. Welch, Edward T. (1997), When People Are Big and God is Small. Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company.
  4. Ganz, Richard. (1993). PsychoBabble. Wheaton, Illinois: Crossway Books.


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