Monday, January 08, 2007

Update on Andrew -January 8th

SUNDAY, JANUARY 07, 2007 09:40 PM, EST

I just got off of the phone with my dad, who is currently boarding a plane back to Spartanburg. I know that this is going to be a very hard year for my parents. Please pray that they will have a strength beyond themselves, that only comes from God, as they attempt to love on and be there for Andrew both physically and emotionally.

Andrew is continuing to improve. His lungs are still an area of concern. My heart just breaks when I hear that he is hurting. The pain of the reality of his injuries is really setting in again. He has had such a realitic outlook on his situation; and, the reality of it is painful. I know that Jesus, having experienced being man, knows what pain is like on this earth. God's will involved Jesus' death on the cross, an extremely excruciating act. Yet, this pain that Jesus experienced glorified God and also redeemed the world. Andrew's pain is not in vain. God will use it in his life to love on others. And, as Andrew told my dad today, he will have his legs again in Heaven.


SATURDAY, JANUARY 06, 2007 09:50 PM, EST

Andrew is doing well today. Currently, the major prayer concern is for his lungs. He has endured a lot of back to back surgeries recently; each time he undergoes anesthesia, his lungs go through a whole lot. He has pneumonia and labored breathing. I think the whole trip back to the ICU and back really discouraged him as well. Please pray that he will feel renewed and encouraged. He has a long road ahead of him and he's come so very far. I just know that from his point of view, it seems like so little. Thank you all for your prayers. They go so very far!


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