Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Abigail's 1 Year Old Stats

Weight: 20 lbs and 13 oz (45%)
Height: 29 1/2 inches (61%)
Head Circumference 46 1/2 cm (85%)

The doctor said she is growing perfectly. She does not think Abigail had an allergic reaction to cheese last week, but does think it probably upset her stomach since she is still young and ate a lot of it. She said normally a child will break out all over her body within two hours of eating a certain food, which Abigail did not do. Dr. Greenhouse is such a wonderful doctor and is on ask the expert show. . . many doctors go to her for advice on things!

Two or three weeks ago, I took her to the doctor and she was like 21 pounds and 7 ozs, but all last week she had an upset stomach. She is making up for it this week, and I think she might be 23 pounds now. Ha!

I have not started to get rid of her bottles yet. I am going to do so after Christmas. The morning bottle is her favorite. We are going to try her on lactose free milk at first, since she is on lactose free formula. She drink well out of a sippy cup, which I am so thankful for, and she is a very good eater, so I am not that too concerned about slowly dropping her bottles. I will drop her dinner bottle first, and then give her a night night bottle and a morning bottle.

I thought Abigail top lip frenulum was connecting, and Dr. Greenhouse said it was tight there, but usually that does not effect speech. It will probably be a dental issues down the road. Please pray that it does not affect her speech, because frenulum issues are hereditary. The doctor said she should have a few words now and she has more than that so again I am not concerned. She actually has words with meaning now, and when she wants to go somewhere, she says, "go, go." It is so cute! I think she has 20 words now, and most of her words that she uses have meaning.

We got her a car seat last night and her first pair of walking shoes at Goody Toe Shoes (since she does not crawl anymore, she just walks...she is about 1 month ahead of where Jackson was in the walking department). Charlie was asked to do a funeral yesterday, and we are so thankful for it because it enabled us to get her a car seat. I had a coupon from Babies R Us for $25 off any car seat that came in the mail and that expires in three days. We have Jackson a Britax car seat, but mainly because I loved the Carolina (USC) cover. I talked to the an employee there who was a car seat expert, and after talking with him for a long time we decided on the Graco Nautilus. It got one of best safety awards and turns into a boaster seat, so it will go up to 100 pounds. It had a light pink pattern on it with butterflies which is perfect. God richly blesses us all the time with what we need. I am so thankful.