Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday's Tip: The Mitten

The Mitten by Jan Brett is the book they are working on this month at Jackson's school/speech time.

The school uses the Read It Once Again curriculum in choosing what book to use for the month. The last book was Silly Sally and definitely more on his level. He loves this book and asks me to read it to him every day. I think he might have it memorized now.

The Mitten is an excellent book, but has some big words in the book, and is a little long for him. I read online that this book is appropriate for children four years and older. However, after talking to the speech therapist she assured me that she is breaking this book down to his level. She also reports that he is having a hard time answering questions and focusing during book time. So, of course, we got this book of amazon used and very cheap. He is starting to like this book more and more, but since it is so long, he does not ask me to read it to him again yet. He loves books right now, and he will sit down with me for very long periods of time while I read, so it was surprising to hear he was having a hard time focusing during book time.

However, overall he is doing so well. The other day, he came into the room where me, Charlie and Abigail were, and said, "Hey guys, what is going on?"

Other milestones in the last couple weeks:
  • "saying J-A-C-K-S-O-N Spells Jackson by memory"
  • He knows what are names are and his full name and that he lives in Columbia SC and says that Gigi and Grand live in Spartanburg, and daily we hear, "KK went back to Georgia."
  • He makes knock knock jokes daily. For instances: "Knock, knock, who is there? Zoo, Zoo who? Zoomed to you expect"...this is from a Wiggles dvd
  • Non stop talking with us all day.He speaks in sentences all days as well. Such as "I see the stars. The moon is behind the clouds."
  • Counts to twenty, and counts everything. Count out his 14 cars, and then says, "I have fourteen cars." The other day he even said one and one is two, and I have never even touched on that. He is gifted in the math side of things for sure, just like my dad (there is no real differences in my dad and Jackson).

Back to The Mitten
We are suppose to be asking him
  • How many animals are in the mitten?
  • Tell me what you see?
  • Does it snow when it is hot outside or when it is cold?
  • What did Nicki want?
  • What is the boy's name?
Next book, they will be working on is From Head to Toe by Eric Carle.

This is all very helpful to me because I have no idea how to teach Preschoolers!

What is your child's favorite educational book right now?

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