Friday, December 25, 2009

Sweet Little Jesus Boy

Sweet little Jesus boy
They made you be born in a manger
Sweet little holy child
We didn't know who you were
Didn't know you'd come to save us Lord
To take our sins away
Our eyes were blind, we could not see
We didn't know who you were

Long time ago
You were born
Born in a manger Lord
Sweet little Jesus boy
The world treats you mean Lord
Treats me mean too
But that's how things are down here
We don't know who you are

You have told us how
We are trying
Master you have shown us how
Even when you were dying
Just seems like we can't do right
Look how we treated you
But please Sir forgive us Lord
We didn't know it was you

Sweet little Jesus boy
Born a long time ago
Sweet little holy child
We didn't know who you were

I have enjoyed listening to this version from Casting Crowns this Christmas season. We went to the Family Christian store to get Christmas presents and they had their new CD as well as Christmas CD for $15 together.

I have been really thinking a lot about an interview I heard on Fox news with an atheist women about the "There is no God" signs being put up right before Christmas. My heart broke for her for she had no hope. She tried to say how many atheists now lived in the world and the woman who interviewed her quickly pointed out that there are 2 billion Christians in the world of 6 billion people and the next closet religion was Islam. She asked the atheist woman if have the majority of us have "gotten it wrong."

My king is the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. My hope is not in this world, my hope is in our Great God and King Jesus Christ. He is the only one who can cleanse our sins.

Jackson has really enjoyed singing "Silent Night," and "Away in a manager" this month. He did so well in the candle light service last night (answer to prayer). He has really understood that the Jesus who we pray to and who heals us, is whose birthday we are celebrating this month. The greatest gift ever was Jesus. He closed last night by singing, "Yes, Jesus loves me." This Christmas has been so special!

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Makarios said...

We are so blessed to know Him.